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  1. I'm currently looking for somebody experienced in Strings (Cello/Violin), Keyboards, Recording, Programming, Turntables, Experimental/Avant Garde instrumentation, AND/or samples. I emphasize AND because I'm looking for somebody multi-faceted. I don't necesarily need ALL of the above, but eventually I plan on in some way incorporating most if not all of the above. The primary goal is to make quality music that in it's depth can be reproduced live with many layers and moving parts. I don't want to record tracking and sound bite it in a live setting. I feel like that's lazy. Many groups use sound
  2. Ponulian should change his name to Ponulion so that Liontamer can actually fit surprisingly well there. hahaha But yeah man I was just saying because that's what I found out years ago when I first heard the original asphyxiated soul version. That it was also in a song by The Black Dahlia Murder. It's not exactly the same. But they are both from the same context. Take a chill pill man I did nothing to insult you. Don't get all buck wild for no reason. haha Besides I don't know completely everything about anything. I mean c'mon dude I was merely stating my opinion. and putting up some reference
  3. Kadmium my man! This is truly something I didn't expect. I remember when I looked at the reviews for this remix when in it's old form and saw it was rejected I was truly very disappointed. The new version is fantastic. I love the raw vocals and no more distortion. And the tone of your guitar playing has improved dramatically. I can hear a lot more of that opeth influence you were talking about. And I can understand the decapitation dialogue. I haven't had so many chills from a song in forever. congratulations. This might be my new favorite remix ever. =] I love the lyrics in the first verse
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