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  1. gimme my fricken name back i think someone camped Stan Tuna like 4 years ago, i guess that's against the rules now so i invoke your own powers against you retroactively, give me my name back please, and thank you very much
  2. you guys are the kings of Dropped due to slot reservation. the world champions of Dropped due to slot reservation. it's like i go to the DMV, take my number, wait in the sitting area for three hours and twenty-five minutes, and my number is finally called. i approach the counter elated, give my identification, spend ten minutes filling out my paperwork. the girl looks it over, stamps it, i walk up to the booth to have my picture taken. they draw the curtains, the security guard busts into the booth, TAZES me, punches me in the fricken HEAD, grabs me by the lapel and throws me out into the god
  3. Hey! I'm Stan, and I just joined in the last four years. I like video games and music, especially that which is theatrical (such as, say, the Shenmue 2 soundtrack, or many of the SNES RPGs as Live a Live, Tales of Phantasia, Lufia 2, etc etc). One of my goals is to become a director, maybe working in the gaming industry as games are becoming more cinematic every generation. I'll probably be staying a while, so it's nice to meet you all!
  4. Awesome, AWESOME music. Nothing bad at all can be said about the music. Sadly, the lyrics caught a bad case of wedon'tfititis. The rhythm had to get twisted up about 8 or 9 times too many. Doesn't nearly kill the song, but keeps it from being the new Little Mac's Confession. Awesome, though. 8.0/10
  5. This is actually a pretty neat idea. Site project, anyone?
  6. I'd guess ambulance. Because I'm an ignorant peasant.
  7. Here. Try writing your text like this. It helps us know where your Silent Hill 4 spoilers are. With the worldwide releases coming soon, it's best to not spoil the goodies for those wanting to have a clean experience their first time through. Speaking of spoilers, have you seen the unlockable costumes for Eileen and Cynthia. :cat's meow: ...there were absolutely no spoilers in that post. There was absolutely no INFORMATION in that post. But yeah.
  8. I got the SH4 demo. It's funny. Not really. But I like beating on the worm.
  9. Great mix. Doesn't use the original enough, though. In other news, doesn't this sound like it could be on the Sonic CD soundtrack? That's what I conected it with when I first heard it. This is good.
  10. I'm learning to play guitar. Guess which song I'm teching myself to play.
  11. I'll do that when I get to PLAY SH3.
  12. Playing through SH1, learning stuff. Anyways, speculation. Red god in SH2. Samael? Once I finish SH1, I'ma play through SH2 again, try and find more connections. It didn't make any sense when I jsut played it... but yeah. Bump.
  13. Erm... bedmonster? I always heard them being called "doormen", though you're probably right, it would make more sense.
  14. Not bats,butterflies. The same as in the apartment building. Moths. Since they gather around lights. Butterflies, cause they correspond with her tatoo (and the name of the song. ) And I'm pretty sure that they are butterflies in the apartment. Besides, why would someone collect moths in cages?
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