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  1. WOW. My jaw has hit the floor. SSBB is teh shiz, and i would gladly hack my game to put this track in there. Anyway, I am a relativley new gamer, and i have never played this game, but this is awesome. 9/10
  2. Happy 30th birty day dj! What are you going to do?

  3. Clear but hilarious lyrics. djpretzel, he mentions the word groin 7 times. The chords are cool, intros funny. Forget about putting thumbs up, i rate this groins up.
  4. This song just... wow. Blows me away to listen to such a happy piece. Synths that bubble up, and well, pop! The intro made me smile, and lifted my day. Fun riffs, and the part at 1:19 is so good, with the synths and stuff.
  5. Lol. this was the song that got me hooked on oc remix. to me, having never been to a strip club, this reminded me of a carnival at 0:24, where the main melody kicks in. I <3 this song.
  6. I personally thought that the solo was just a tad too long, but the intro to the choruses were absolutely spot on. thumbs up.
  7. I am a very big fan of ssbb. is there any remixs you guys could do of kk. cruisin?
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