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  1. Hey everyone! So, I wasn't sure if I should even post this :-S Thought I'd try anyway! I've been quite active on YouTube in the last 2 years in regards to video game covers, especially Final Fantasy. And I summoned the guts to send OCREMIX my original cover of Edea's Theme. It was rejected, but was asked to resubmit after I've polished it more. Most of my faults lie in the mixing and production sadly. Eeeek, I was never that good in that field. But I shall try ^___^ If anyone's an FF fan and would love to give it a listen, here's the YT link ^___^
  2. keep it up, you have a lot of potential! :-)

  3. No problem, looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

  4. Thank you so very much for your comments and critique on " In shadows-theme of Edea" I truly appreciate your time taken into analyzing it. I do hope to improve ^_^

  5. Thank you so much for your critique and comments of " In shadows-theme of edea" !

    Will do my best to improve!

  6. Thank you very much for your insight and critique on my " In Shadows-Theme of Edea " from FF8 :-)

    Will try to improve ^__^

  7. I absolutely loved this! Though I've never played FF6.. I liked the sound of this a lot! I felt like I was in a trance most of the time while listening to it..it was so captivating! Great work!
  8. THis is so beautiful! I remembered my times going through the fields of FF8, riding the train, lookin for chocobos....wow....such a sweet melody that makes you reminisce all those good times.... Thank you..!
  9. WOW WOW WOW! I thought this was gonna have a close liking to 'waltz of the moon' but no! THis turned out to be real different and so full of fun! lol. I enjoyed it to the very end! I felt like I wanted to get up and dance on it! I agree with everyone else about it sounding French! It had that,too. Great job! Looking forward to hearing more from you!
  10. I've always loved 'Compression of Time' while playing FF8. Everytime I heard it, I felt the..nothingness..the despair in its tunes. What you did with it was absolutely brilliant. At first I said there's no way, but now that i've listented to it, I have to say "you did it!" IT was simply brilliant.
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