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  1. Henry is crazy funny. Hearing about his background in his supports with Olivia was sad, though. My favorite personality-wise so far is Anna, though. Shame she doesn't get much in the ways of Support.
  2. I've felt depressingly sad at the end of a lot of games, but only cried during the endings of To The Moon and Persona 3. ...despite all the blatant foreshadowing to both endings. Or because of it.
  3. I feel like random crits make the server more fun when everyone's not playing competitively and less fun when everyone is serious-businessing it up. If I'm screwing around and speccing/sniping, I really don't care if crits are on (What? I'm being honest) and will probably get a good laugh out of taking/dishing out some kind of bullshit random crit attacks that aren't scattergun-based. On the other hand, If I'm trying to be productive by playing Medic, I really dislike losing charge buildup to errant crit projectiles flying around corners. I'm personally of the opinion that we should have the "votecrits" command reinstated as a sort of mixed alternative to either extreme. If the server's full (as it has been recently), we probably don't need pub/quick-play compatibility to keep it there if half of us are making flippant comments about "random skill". EDIT: As Xero reminded me by mentioning it below, I very much like bullet spread and damage spread. Those are a fine degree of tolerable randomness to me and I think the game isn't quite as fun without them. Waffleshots suck.
  4. This crap right here is when I stopped paying attention in class. Taylor Series isn't "Calculus", in my opinion--it's just approximation and, honestly, memorization. It's clever, and I appreciate having the equations for it in reference form, but it isn't proper math and it felt like a cop out for learning higher-level material. On topic, I did finally end up SSing Backup Shift in Dustforce. What came afterwards was so horrifying that I don't think I'll even bother completing all of it in the first place. It was definitely worth a shot, though!
  5. Backup Shift's now the only one I have left to SS. That uppermost portion where you have to dash-attack PERFECTLY through five sets of narrow pairs of spikes has stopped my SS run in its tracks hundreds of times now. I've beaten the level with an S in completion, so I know I can do it, but good lord I'm never doing this again. On topic, I remembered a few more: Getting a character other than Collette to show up first in Flanoir in Tales of Symphonia. This was much harder than it should have been. Trying to S-Rank the final stage and all its challenges in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This was at one point all that stood between me and every single medal in the game. I never managed to do it after my save file was deleted. Getting the Golden Axe in Animal Crossing. To this day, I still do not understand how I managed to keep the town clean for that long. Completing the Pokédex in Pokémon Pearl. I had to import from a whole slew of old GBA games to make it happen. Never again. Attempting to 100% Hard Mode in Metroid Prime, only to miss the scan of Ridley and save absentmindedly afterwards. Beating Final Fantasy XII at all through judicious use of an auto-leveling exploit. I loved the game's lore and battle system, but hated licenses and how long regular fights were taking towards the end. Digging straight down in Minecraft. Only once. Never again.
  6. Attempting to 100% the Pin List in The World Ends With You comes to mind. I remember sitting down with two DSes, one in some random game's wireless contact mode, just to farm Mingle PP for pin evolution. I did end up eventually getting the Darklit Planets Set after finding the godforsaken pink frog noise, but now that I think about it, I don't think I ever quite finished the entire list. Still, this isn't something I'll be doing again. It's looking like SS-ing all the stages in Dustforce is going to be the next one of these for me. Night Temple was the first of many several-hour attempts at perfection (not even going for a high score), and I do NOT look forward to doing this on any of the gold-key Laboratory levels.
  7. Was it just some random recent series, or was it Salvaged/low-numbered? Apparently Valve's imminent retiring of the first batch of hats is making the earlier crates sell like hotcakes, and Salvaged crates are just insanely valuable all on their own. Awesome job if it wasn't either of those, though.
  8. My TF2's been crashing its own in-game overlay almost immediately after launching, forcing me to alt-tab to reply to messages sent while I'm in-game. I still haven't found a workaround that doesn't involve booting the game again, which has sometimes just made the same thing happen all over. Unrelated, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what the heck was going on in spec chat on Pokémon Arena tonight. I'm trying very hard to forget everything I read.
  9. So kamikaze made a TF2 pixel animation of the hadouken taunt as the Pyro him/herself might see it: I personally think this is pretty freaking awesome.
  10. I'm not sure whether that was the worst or best Dustbowl I've ever played, but my god that was hilarious while it lasted. Annoying, yes, but also hilarious.
  11. So in terms of custom maps, I thought Antiquity was pretty amazing tonight alongside Gothic Event and (I think?) Repository. Antiquity especially was a break from the norm with the jungle theme and the generally neat map design. I hope we can play it again in the future.
  12. While the Halloween event's going on, Mann Manor seems like a pretty awesome starting map.
  13. I draw the line at using the cheated items in public online games with a host that would rather not have them used. I don't know about other consumables, but I would hardly hold it against someone for having used a respec potion or a console-generated Giant Fish of some kind online. Neither accomplishes anything that would not have already been possible with patience or foresight. If you equip cheated gear and go to town on enemies and bosses that way, though, you've got a direct (probably substantial) and unfair advantage that the host may not appreciate.
  14. My understanding is that this is what they're going to add in the next major patch. If you equip a console-created item, you will be flagged. If you un-equip it, you will be unflagged. Of course, nothing's stopping people from just editing out the flag altogether since files are stored locally...
  15. You can apparently fully respec your character by using console commands, though it will flag that character as a "cheater" in online play.
  16. Yep! I've caught a single Giant Tunnel Shark that's listed as transforming the pet "permanently" into a Molebeast. Not sure if I ever want to use it since I love my wolf, though. D:
  17. I went with the Berserker first, figuring that I'd pick the class least likely to be my favorite and play through the game with him first so that I'd have incentive to play through it a second time. ...my god, it's fun regardless. I'm enjoying this a whole lot more than I thought I would because of the existence of the Tundra skill tree. Megaspoilers for a quest I stumbled upon in a sidequest dungeon: "Find the remaining pieces of the robot." Took a look at the item's description in the quest log and it's a disembodied drum with a "4000" on it. I get the feeling that piecing this guy back together again is either going to be hilariously amazing if it works (TRALALALALAAAA) or downright tragic if it never happens.
  18. ...and so "Summer 2012" means "pretty much the last day of Summer 2012". Can't say I mind, though. This'll definitely be worth the wait.
  19. Not sure how I feel about this. So much approval for the ending though.
  20. ...the hell is it with Square making countless spinoffs instead of proper sequels?
  21. http://www.siliconera.com/2012/08/26/the-world-ends-with-you-solo-remix-for-ios-has-a-few-new-features/ I am unbelievably disappointed.
  22. The video title? It didn't do anything to it that I'm aware of. It just stuck a link to the song and the artist underneath the video and slightly to the right of the description. EDIT: Ah, yes, I'd included the artist's name in the title and that name became a link. Behold .
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