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  1. This "remix" or "ehancement" is better than the original. The piano section in the beginning is excellent.
  2. It needs one thing: that killer low-pitched voice that says "killer instincts".
  3. It's sounds inevitably funny... but is very good. I like the different ways the theme sounds throughout the song. It keeps the track fresh and interesting.
  4. Simple... but interesting. Worth the short download!
  5. This track is good ONLY because it sounds nearly the same as the original. The percussion is good, but I liked the percussion from the original much better.
  6. Everything is good about the song except for the way the main melody was done. The instrument they chose makes the melody sound annoying. Overall though, this song is a keeper.
  7. The drums are not bad although they are much different from the original. The instrument selection is good except for the main melody which sounds like a freaking harmonica.
  8. The only Airman theme here... and I think it's tight! Worth the download.
  9. I know it's an MP3 file, but the cheap sounding instruments used make it sound like a MIDI file.
  10. Dr. Wily's stage theme is one of the best tracks from MegaMan 2 however, this remix bites. It sounded as if the artist recycled the notes from the midi file only changing the instruments. The artist did add his\her own drum background, but it's boring.
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