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  1. Hmm... You have a point... I guess I'll do that when I get home from work tonight.
  2. I've already changed the radio channel to both 1 and 11 (I think I settled on 1 as it gave a stronger signal to the Wii, but I've been having the problem on both channels). I can connect to WFC in 5-12 ticks (I assume they're seconds, where the WFC connect thing goes from left to right), but when I play against most opponents I lag really bad. It wasn't a problem a few weeks back, but I live in a college town and the ISPs available aren't really that great to begin with. I have a feeling that it's my router, as my girlfriend has been having trouble connecting to the wireless network for the past week or so. Since my computer is connected via a cat-6 cable, any bandwidth tests I run from my computer are pretty useless if I'm trying to test the wireless. I'll have to use my girlfriend's computer tonight or tomorrow and see if we get a big discrepancy in down and up speeds, and if that's the case we'll probably have to get a new router. Otherwise, it might be that the router's firewall doesn't like Brawl (the Wii is properly detected via the DHCP, though), and so I might try putting it in the DMZ for a bit to see if that helps. Other than those few ideas, I'm completely dry. EDIT: I might add that my router is about 4 feet away from my Wii (and not on the other side of any walls), so it's incredibly close. If the router is transmitting a signal at all, the Wii would be able to pick it up.
  3. I need to figure out what the heck is wrong with my internet connection. My Wi-Fi seems very unhappy, though my computer (connected via a CAT-6 cable) seems to be just fine in terms of ping with a lot of online apps. I think it's time for a new router, or all the torrenting college kids to get out of my town.
  4. It's called a Pity Final Smash, and yes, they were intentionally put into the game to help stragglers catch up. It was posted on the official SSBB site in December here.
  5. G-T, did you ever put my FC into your list? I am still awaiting registration from like weeks ago and have been dying to play you. Maybe we just haven't been on at the same time... Atma, yeah, since you've played against me, you should know (aside from me posting on the other forums who my main is a few weeks back). This was more of a question for the people that DON'T know (which is why I said if you know, don't answer...). I was just curious to see who people think I'd main if I'm abandoning Link, that's all. I guess the cat's out of the bag now. As for Olimar, the only things that really make him frustrating for me are how fast his projectile is, and how small he is, imho. If one of those two things changed, I think he'd be a lot less of a nuisance. If both changed, I think he wouldn't be very good, and if his priority was nerfed, he'd be the shittiest character on the roster. As it is, lag benefits him greatly due to his spammable smashes and how easily he racks up damage. Without lag, I don't see him being as difficult, but I have yet to play an Olimar that has a decent grasp of spacing and camping in person. As it is, Atma might suck with every other character, but he at least knows how to camp, which is a skill regardless of how frustrating it might be to play against.
  6. Air tripping does exist, the Sonic didn't run and fall of the platform. The game is captured in such slow motion there should be NO mistake that he tapped down to drop through the platform. Right around the time he falls to the height of the stage, the way he's falling instantly changes from a controlled fall to as though he was struck with an attack (a tumbling animation). It is believed to be a glitch, and so far the people I know that have experienced it have been playing as or against Olimar, though I'm interested in hearing the details of Cynical's case (was your opponent Olimar?). Also, tripping by movement has approx. a 1% chance to occur on normal ground (though quantitative values are through testing by Hitaku on SWF, I'm not sure how exact his figures are). On slippery ground, it seems as though the chance of tripping is increased by 3 times (or 3% given Hitaku's quantitative value). Also, when traversing uneven ground (i.e. steps, not slopes) like going from the grass to the road in the Mario Kart stage, it seems to also increase trip rate, though there is no quantitative value. The chance of air tripping occuring hasn't been measured because it has happened so few times that a quantitative value could not be ascertained. Though it happens at a far lower rate than normal tripping (and so far, only with Olimar present). Tripping has been pretty thoroughly researched already, it's a dead horse on Smashboards and the general consensus is that it's entirely random. We've looked at all the possibilities of it being due to some RNG system that could be exploited, except we've seen characters trip 5 times in a row, and characters sometimes trip at the very beginning of a match, and so if there is some RNG system like Golden Sun's drop RNG exploit, there is some initial value that gets set at the beginning of a match and each time you trip, making it so random it's impossible to reverse engineer. I have personally experienced tripping from shield grabbing several times, which requires no input from the control stick. I have also tripped out of neutral-B moves, as well jab attacks, and many other people have as well. Some people claim to have tripped from rolling, though I haven't seen this happen yet (but that really sucks if it does happen).
  7. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. I'm sort of surprised there are people that still remember me. I don't know how frequently I'll be stopping by, but I just wanted to see if there was anything going on here for April Fool's and I saw the Brawl thread, so I decided to check it out. Glad to see I know a few names posting in the thread, but I'm sure a bunch of the people from the Melee thread are here with different names, as it's been years. Also, I don't main Link anymore (surprised?), though I play him from time to time. Anyone want to take a guess at my new main (don't spoil it if you already know)?
  8. Thalzon, any action while grounded can make you trip. I've tripped while attempting shield grabs, jumps, attacks while running (after the initial dash animation has concluded), as well as from tilting (which would initiate a walk animation, not a run animation). Also, there is air tripping, though I have not yet experienced this. All the cases so far include Olimar present in the match. . So far, people have not discovered a way to escape it once it occurs until they land on the ground (which results in the tripped stance on the ground where you are sitting on your butt), are hit, or fall to their death.
  9. I run the site, and every song is put into the correct category based on the OCR Wiki's Change Log. The reason everything corresponds to that is so there is an easy to locate list if you don't want to browse through my directory listing.
  10. The server I play on "Lethon" is Pacific Time, and is definitely located somewhere in that time zone. I'm not sure if all of the WoW servers are located in the same area, though. I do know that a bunch of servers went down for some time in my area (a few months back), but all the other servers were fine, so either it was only new servers or all the servers in the area went down. I'm pretty sure they have US WoW servers in each time zone for lower latency to each region, but I haven't read anything official to come to that conclusion.
  11. You can use a compressor on the thunder sound and put the threshold to something around -30dB and that should probably take care of the clipping. The only thing that will lose quality will be the thunder crash, and the only thing that will change about is that the lowest and highest frequencies will be closer (basically the higher frequencies will be shoved down a few notches, but they will still be played). I hope that'll help ya!
  12. I think the static you're referring to has something to do with the rain effects. When the rain is loud, I can definitely hear what sounds like static. I think it's probably from the rain effect. When the rain is loud, I think the rest of the rain (the stuff that doesn't sound like it's landing nearby) can cause a somewhat staticky sound. The thunder at the very end sounds almost like it's clipping. It's not as crisp and smooth as real thunder, but that could very well be just because it's not the real thing and recordings (especially free soundfonts and the like) are generally not that high quality when it comes to real sounding. I've got my volume turned up fairly high and my studio headphones on. The thunder sounds like there might be minor clipping occuring at that point. If you take a look at the output levels when the thunder clap occurs, check to see if it's a danger zone for clipping. The instruments are quite clear, but when the rain dies out, I can hear a very slight static underlying the entire mix. It's actually so quiet that I'm tempted to believe you have had a very quiet rain effect going on the entire time underneath the louder one. When the rain starts to come back, it definitely sounds a bit more staticky. I've turned the volume up quite loud, and I must say that it was a quiet rain effect I was hearing. I also think as rain effects get quieter, they tend to sound more like static as the sounds become less distinguishable. Hmmm, at 3:37-8, there is possibly some very minor clipping, but it's not that noticeable. As for the mix itself, I really like the feel of it. I'm a sucker for ambient mixes, and I like your take on the Song of Storms. I think it's arranged quite liberally in comparison to the original piece (and it sounds good). I'm also a huge sucker for slow mixes that build up over minutes of a song. I really like how in the end, the rain comes back and starts to pour pretty heavily and climaxes with the thunder crash. But damn, that thunder sounds pretty bad... Anyway, great work on the mix!
  13. While a collaboration would be cool, I have no idea how to go about it. Also, I'm currently working through another piece right now and I'm trying to learn some things about orchestral mixes and music theory in general. I probably am not at the stage where I'm ready to contribute to a remixing project as big as this one, though I will keep an eye out in the future for other projects as I improve!
  14. Nah, it's cool. I was just going to pick it up if no one was working on it. I doubt I'm ready to work on a remixing project yet, I should probably wait until I'm more comfortable with mixing before jumping into this late in the game. I can't wait to hear your mix of it, though!
  15. It's funny, the one song I want to remix is available, but I am afraid I don't really have the skill to mix the song... Since no one else is working on it currently, I can try to have a product of "3-15 Sacrifice, Part III" done by December 12. If anyone else wants to do it, by all means, go ahead. My skills are probably not satisfactory to do the song justice, I'm just volunteering because no one is working on it currently... If you guys are cool with having me on the project, I will do my best.
  16. I would love to, except there are a few extenuating circumstances that make it not possible for me to go. 1. I'm actually not in SLO (I'm down in SD this year). 2. I don't play competitively anymore, so it would be a terrible waste of money and time commuting all the way up to SJ with this little notice. 3. I am not in the financial situation to afford something like this right now. :/ If it were only the first 2, then you bet your ass I'd be there in a heartbeat. The short on money problem sort of prevents me from doing anything fun, though... At this point, I'm just saving up so I can visit my girlfriend for winter break.
  17. TheCatPhysician, I know, I was just letting him know that waveshining isn't something he'll find useful as a beginner. It's far too difficult for someone not incredibly comfortable with almost all of Fox's advanced techniques to pull off consistently in matches. Global-Trance, don't let them grab you. In all seriousness, I think strategies vs. those 2 characters differ greatly depending on which character you are playing as against them. For Link, you don't have to worry about being grabbed against Marth, but you need to worry about chain grabbing with Sheik, which can sometimes lead to guaranteed KOs. For Falco, you don't need to worry about chain grabbing with Sheik, but you need to seriously worry about chain grabbing vs. Marth, who can tipper you around 60 for a pretty much guaranteed KO every time. For each character, you need to find out what you need to look out for, then develop strategies around those important match turning abilities they have. For Link, getting stuck in shdfa from Marth is a serious pain in the ass. He can repeatedly chain it without having to worry about being shield grabbed or sex kicked out of it (since Marth's jump is faster than Link's, Link cannot shield cancel without eating shdfa). Link's projectiles can be nullified by a Marth who knows what he's doing, and therefore they are quite difficult to use offensively (aside from combo extensions). Getting around Marth's sword tip is key to beating him, but depending on the playstyle of the Marth, it can be easy or difficult. I think Marth could beat Link with shdfa's and finish with a spike or f-smash after he's carried Link over to the edge of the stage. There is a theory I have that might work, but I'm unsure as I haven't tested it. If a Marth does a shdfa and Link shields the first hit, then side-steps the second attack, I think he would be at a frame disadvantage and would either get grabbed or or shdfa'ed if the Marth decided to do it again (since f-air combos into itself nicely against Link and many other characters). If you timed it just right, I think you might be able to get a jab or two, but your throw following the double-A would probably get cancelled by Marth's grab, or he would take to the air or side-step before it would reach him. It all depends on reflexes, really, and that's why I don't like using theories like this... So I guess in the end, I don't know how to play against a jumpy Marth. For any other Marth, Link has a good chance to get around all of his attacks, it's just that f-air that really gives Link trouble due to its speed, range, and priority.
  18. Garde


    The thing that makes math so hard is that a lot of people aren't willing to do the work to learn it (doing homework to master the applications of something you learn in class), or don't want to admit they don't understand something. When the latter happens, you get screwed. If you don't know something, ask your teacher. If they can't explain in some way that helps you, you should see if they can give you examples of it in action. If that doesn't help you, you should find someone who understands it that can explain it in a simplified way. I know that I had a lot of trouble trying to learn Calculus in high school. Once I hit college and had a Discrete Math class, all my Calculus classes became incredibly easy. My Discrete Math teacher taught me various things, including some very important pieces of math language and their exact meaning. My high school Calc teacher expect us to know what the universal quantifier was (upside down capital A), the "There exists" symbol, "such that" symbol, and many others. He would write definitions of things up on the board and somewhere between half and three-quarters of the class ended up dropping because he never explained what the symbols meant. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you don't understand something, don't pretend like you know it. If you do, you'll just end up falling farther behind as everything builds on top of what you didn't understand. Also, practice with homework, it really helps in seeing when and how problem-solving strategies can be applied.
  19. That was a very specific example, most jump in pressure isn't safe to side step. Marth's SH double f-air is pretty dangerous and leads to combos, side-stepping doesn't work. Link can jump in with a SHFFLed sex kick and go to double neutral-A and then grab, something that can't be avoided by a side-step. Most characters have some form of preventing a shield-grab on a jump attack, and if it's safe against shield grabbing not because you're behind the opponent or outside their grab reach, you can't side-step dodge it because they keep on attacking to keep you in shield stun. The only reason I gave that very specific example was so you would know what I'm talking about, but you took my example too literally and interpretted it as being one of the few useful cases. In fact, it's useful in plenty of situations. Any time someone uses an aerial attack that you can avoid from WDing, it's probably a good idea to do so unless you can get something really good off a shield-grab (and only if the shield grab is guaranteed). If you can attack the person through their aerial attack, then there's no point in WDing (someone a fair distance above Link is going to have a lot of trouble doing any better than exchanging blows with his up-air, for example).
  20. Waveshining and other advanced techniques with Fox are definitely not recommended for the casual gamer. For more basic uses of the WD, you can shield cancel with a WD, which is always useful against people with fairly long-ranged attacks with lag afterwards (Marth and Link come to mind). Another generic use would be to bait attacks or to avoid attacks. WDing has considerably less lag than rolling, so you can completely avoid an attack by WDing that would lead into some irritating pressure, like a Falco shine combo where you get stuck in your shield if you shield. It's generally a good idea to avoid situations like that altogether. If you roll, you'll probably get hit or grabbed as the person chases after you, but if you WD out of the way, he'll be the one that's left open, while you can run in and grab him, or use a smash attack with reach. You may think "but you can side-step dodge and get the same result," but that would be an incorrect assumption. If you side-step a shine combo, you can likely expect to get hit by a 2nd shine (as many Falco's will do) and still get comboed the same as if you had gotten hit by the first shine.
  21. Snapple, some people favor different sounds and settings on guitars, it's all personal preference. What you may consider an improvement may not be in the direction she wants to take her style. Anyway, this mix is pretty good. I'm not really in a rock mood right now, but you've still gotten me to listen to it 3 times in a row, so I've decided to post a review (since I think that anything that makes me want to listen to it repeatedly warrants a review). I really like the transitions between songs, they are quite smooth and feel natural. Good job in finding some nice transition points. I think your drum track is quite nice, there's nothing even remotely stale about it. The guitar sounds a little dirty/grungy to me, but it's all preference. After the first listen I adapted to the sound and I don't even think about it. I personally think World Revolution doesn't get enough coverage, and the way you arranged the end reminds me of some Kamelot songs, excellent work (I love Kamelot, an Epic metal band based in Florida). Hunter's Chance is a great song, and I like how you've changed it to fit some nice guitar work. The transition into the acoustic guitar was nice (it sort of reminded of some sort of mix of Flamenco and Classical, though I'm sure I'm mistaken). I especially like the mix of FF7's Fighting and CT's Battle. I like the dynamic shift in the song between the two melodies. It pretty much feels like a duel between the melodies, not sure if that's what you were going for. FF8's Force Your Way... It's one main point of the game that really drew me into the battles. I pretty much abhorred the system, but the song really made me look forward to battles. Anyway, I like arrangement here, it sounds pretty damn fresh. The fanfare is also quite awesome, I only wish it went on for a little bit more, because it sounded like you had a pretty good melody working up there, but it sort of just ends. That's really my only beef with the entire song, I think the fanfare ends a little bit too early (before it really got to develop) with how awesome the arrangement was. Great work, hopefully we'll see some more of your stuff floating around here soon. EDIT: My mistake, what I called "Force Your Way" is "Don't Be Afraid". Doh... At least I knew what I was talking about...
  22. Congratulations on finding a new Smash partner! I know I've always been incredibly excited when I find someone new who knows how to play competently (of course I rarely play with any of them... ). As for the deal with Neal's performance, I don't think I posted it here yet. It turns out he lost interest in SSBM after MLG Anaheim and hasn't practiced much since. The main reason he went down to UCSB was to see some friends.
  23. So true. People get caught up in their own misexecution and will attempt it to "prove" they can do it. Use it to your advantage. Of course, if you're going against someone ranked nationally, they're probably not going to bother doing that, and you might get 4-5 stocked. I got 4-stocked by DSF and Wes. Life goes on. EDIT: I forgot to comment on the idiot who said "telling someone what to do doesn't help them"... Man, giving someone advice in a match can totally turn the tides, and it's one reason why you're not supposed to do it. It's basically a form of cheating. If someone doesn't know how to get around a tactic, let's say shield grabbing (for an extremely simple example), and someone is like "dude, land behind him." Or someone is stuck in their shield because someone is attacking them from behind and someone is like "just jump out and use an aerial attack," it can totally change the flow. Those are 2 of the scrubbiest examples I can think of, but they're pretty big turn points in someone's game since they're so basic. But yeah, if someone knows how to get around any strategy and blurts it out, it can totally shift a match, provided the player is competent enough to use the newfound knowledge effectively.
  24. Well, let it be a mistake you don't make again. Rule #1 - Never choose a character you're not comfortable with just because it's a "counter match" to the opponent's character. The reason counter matches occur are from tactics or moves that can be abused against a character, but they have to be used effectively. If you cannot use the character, then it's not a counter match, and you're just digging a hole for yourself. Rule #2 - Nervousness sucks, but there are ways to get around it. You cannot be worried about your skill when you go into a tournament. You must frame things in a positive light (get excited, not nervous). If you make a mistake, don't dwell on it, you can still come back (unless it's your last stock and you just SDed or something comparable). You also need to actually convince yourself that you're not nervous. It can be difficult at first, but if you really like SSBM, just think of how much fun you're going to have, or how much you'll learn and improve from the match. Don't think of the things that can go wrong, but if you do, think of how you can get yourself out of the bad situations. Rule #3 - Experience builds confidence. The more you are exposed to and learn, the less things will catch you off guard, and the more you will be able to react to. This in turn helps your execution as you will not make as many mistakes (mistakes come from being surprised and being nervous, also from lack of practice). With those in mind, kick some ass.
  25. Haha, my biggest problem is that I don't get enough variety of live competition (or any at this point), so I generally have problems facing tactics I am unfamiliar with. When I get a combo going, though, I generally carry it to an edge and get a kill. A lot of people at small-time tournies go "WTF" and try to learn "secrets" from me. So all I really need to learn is effective strategies to get in, and which combos I do are guaranteed against which characters, and my skill will probably improve considerably. Another thing I need to work on is using my ranged attacks to zone and control the opponent (it can be difficult against characters like Fox, Falco, Falcon, and Sheik). I really like action in matches and I love playing fast, so I am pretty much an in-your-face melee Link (not always a smart idea, but it's fun!).
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