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  1. What I would like to know is, in what context were you listening to Baba O'Rly (which it does have to be from now on) to cause such a flare-up of rage. Personally, I can think of only one song to have ever elicited such a reaction. These had to be an awesome set of circumstances. Were there mullets? It doesn't have to be the truth, just tell me there were mullets.
  2. Most of the ska mentioned here is Third-wave (Third-wave ska being the "punk and reggae" sort). I'd recommend a little first wave and 2-tone. I'd say start with The Skatalites and the Specials. A fun Reggae artist to check out is Augustus Pablo (he's a bit dub as well, but great if you're into melodica and keyboards.) Furthering the Keyboard thing, a great jazz artist to listen to is Sun Ra. He's an especially good choice if you're trying to open up your musical palette. So, to sum up (plus a few others I can think of). -The Skatalites -Toots and the Maytals -Desmond Dekker -The Specials
  3. Out of nowhere, but I've been lurking, and this is my argument for the film. Ever since the beginning of what I always thought of as the Big Rush of comic book movies (Batman Begins, all of the Marvel films, etc.) One thing I've tried to do is think about the films in the context of the medium. What works in one medium does not necessarily work in another. For Example, blue Hair looks cool in anime, yet never seems to work as well in real life. So too do certain conventions of a comic book fall flat when you try to take them off the page. Most of the comic book movies from the past ten years
  4. The most important thing you can do if you're trying to learn an instrument is to find someone to help. Hiring a teaching is best. However, there is great value in having a friend to work with. If they play the same instrument, you can pick up pointers and little nudges in direction. If not, you can still play music together. Keeping in time and tune with someone helps train your ear solidly. I mean, you can learn an instrument on your own with books and online guides, but, as with learning anything, human interaction is key. After all, you may be one person playing one instrument, but music
  5. I haven't posted in a while, but this seems rather intriguing. It also seemed to have racked up quite a bit of attention quickly. Cool. I don't know how much in the way of other instrumentation you need, but I'm a trumpet player, and I can also volunteer several other... I suppose odd instruments into the mix. I figure you have enough guitar, piano, etc. but I can contribute ukulele and melodica if you really need it (I imagine you'd need the melodica before the ukulele, but you never know until you try it.) I'd offer to help arrange, or something of the sort, but I can't give enough time fo
  6. I know one of the most FRUSTRATING bosses I've ever fought against. The boss in Underground Zone Act 3 in Sonic 2 for Game Gear. If you've never played it, do it to understand, but I"ll describe any way. You're on a slope. It's half on a slightly more than 45 degree angle and half 70 degrees. And on that small of a screen that's not a lot, especially since at the bottom, taking up space , is your boss. An ant-lion looking thing that you can't touch, ever. The 70 slope is the lower one, so if you go on that and aren't running away, you'll slip into the boss. How he dies is random balls (I'm no
  7. I love it. The combination of the simple instrumentation, the style, and the singing all come together to remind me of some of Yoko Kanno's more somber works from "Cowboy Bebop". I absolutely love the music from that show, so know that my comparison is extremely favorable. A rare thing, lyrics with the remix, It's one thing to remix a song (Which can be a difficult task in itself) but to sing to it too.... wow. My hat's off to you. I can't write lyrics, so I can only be in awe... Great stuff.
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