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  1. yes, because who needs scalding commentary on the human condition when you could have alien wars.
  2. Agreed and taken note of. Although part of me can't resist the urge to think he's not trolling and he really can't grasp any thematic element more complex than good vs. evil.
  3. Jabberbox


    yeah, I was pretty underwhelmed by the graphics in 2D... everything was too smooth.
  4. The Ikaruga soundtrack was incredible, but I hardly hear people talk about it.
  5. Jabberbox


    Speaking of this film, (spoilers! hilight to view) Did anyone think the part where Jake stabbed the big bayonet through the canopy of Colonel Quaritch's mech looked kinda similar to the animation used in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, when Link stabbed Ganondorf in the forehead with the master sword? Because to me, it looked almost exactly the same as far as the way it was coreographed.
  6. I think you missed the point entirely. First off, what the heck do you mean about the weapon thing? I personally haven't seen the ID tagging done quite like that before. The substance wasn't gasoline or even an alien form of fuel. It was never fully explained exactly what it was. They wanted you to hate most of the characters, particularly the main character at first. And the statement about the aliens? really? So, the only species in the universe that should capable of being of mixed or neutral ethics is the human? The film tried to point out quite clearly that the aliens were varied in p
  7. Okay, here's what happens given the location: Average day, working at inn. guest checks in, room is given. Next day, odd cracks appear in ground, investigation amongst townspeople, guest shows up in evening for second night. Third day, while trimming grass near inn, small, translucent tendrils grabs nearby animal, who then mutates slightly and attacks. you kill it with grass scythe. run inside, explain situation, guest pays vague attention before leaving for the day. that night, a cracking noise is heard, sky has a faint, glowing cracked pattern in it (too faint to see during daytime.) Fo
  8. Yeah, I loved that, but for some reason, I had trouble accepting it as a true and pure ROM hack, seeing as I can't download the ROM and see it as it appeared in the video. not saying it wasn't absolutely incredible.
  9. I think this page will probably cover everything... WARNING! TVTROPES LINK! ABANDON ALL FREE TIME, YE WHO ENTER HERE!
  10. superior, ignoring the fact that it had to be 4 similar stages put together in a video editor. Either way, I stand corrected and slightly aroused.
  11. ultimate example in 3... 2... 1... </thread>
  12. "AdleHydeCastleFlow" ~ posu yan "Electric Clouds" ~ posu yan "A Rose For Zelda" ~ Tepid "Into the Golden Sunset" ~ BogusRed "Town Life in Piano" ~ kLuTz
  13. Well, there's mother 3... 2... you know what? the whole dang series made me cry at least once per game. End of sonic battle, because it has a character die in agony, and nobody even pays that much mind to it. he's literally screaming in pain, guys, at least try to console him! the intro to FFXII, where the orchestrated version of the main theme plays. I knew two things the second it started: The writing will be a return to form, and there is an odd moist sensation on my fa-ohmygod I'm crying. Not really because of the game, but a remix on this site by remixer "bogus red," for LoZ Link to th
  14. I really want to see if it's possible to do a recreation of Fayt Leingod (from Star Ocean 3: Till the end of time) in soul calibur 4 I don't have any current gen consoles, though, or else I would have done it myself. If anyone would like to, and post a picture, I'd really appreciate it. reference pic:
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