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  1. Hello to OCREMIX Community. This is Marcel Gherman alias Megatone, a musician and prose writer. I wish to present you my album Realms of The Cosmic Tree, in the style of old school Japanese fantasy RPG games. The album is inspired by my science-fiction modular novel Multiverse and my cycle of fantasy prose Chroinicles of Pandava. Last track on the album is a short fragment from an audiobook based on my fantasy story The Path to Avalonia. Enjoy!
  2. Great music! Congratulations to the artist!
  3. Hello, I wish to present you a Suite consisting of my best orchestral synthesizer compositions: More information about my musical and literary activities at:
  4. Boombastic fantasy orchestral track Lancelot Knighted by Marcel Gherman alias Megatone. More info about me:
  5. Hi, This is Marcel Gherman alias Megatone. Here's my original orchestral track Kings Of Urartu, inspired by the prodigal ancient civilization of Urartu. You may find lots of stuff about me at:
  6. Here is my original composition Blue Skies Over Arcadia. All sounds were synthesized by me. A celebration in a parallel world Ancient Greece or Rome. Here is also a provisional video combining my track Blue Skies Over Arcadia with images from Star Wars and Final Fantasy (in bad quality). You may find indepth information about me at:
  7. It reminds me of the end title song from Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere. Awesome!
  8. Here is my original composition Light Crusader, inspired by the fantastic Sega Megadrive game with the same name, which is probably one of the best I've ever played. This track is included on my album Tales Of Knights And Magic. I hope that you will enjoy it.
  9. New Megatone album Tales Of Knights And Magic released on netlabel Bump Foot (Japan), now available for free download and streaming. This album is a collection of original orchestral compositions inspired by Japanese fantasy RPG games. The album also includes a fragment from Marcel Gherman's new fantasy novel "Prince Indra's Space Quest". The music will lead you on an adventure across forests and seas, towards ancient cities and forgotten temples. Written and produced by Marcel Gherman.
  10. Thank you very much! Actually I didn't use any samples, all sounds were originally synthesized. But thanks for your appreciation.
  11. Megatone album Underwater Luminescence now released on netlabel Bypass (China). Length: 60 minutes LP. Style: Ambient, Experimental, Aquatic soundscape, Sonic virtual reality. It is probably one of Megatone’s most important musical projects. MEGATONE – Underwater Luminescence 1.Underwater Luminescence 2.Blue Abyss 3.Kingdom Of Light 4.Ocean Of Stars 5.Hyperreal Dream 6.Gaian Spirit Author: Marcel Gherman (Moldova) This album is inspired by Marcel Gherman alias Megatone’s father’s book “Language In The World Of The Unspoken” about animal language. An excerpt from the book is added. Admiring nature’s beauty and perfection we become closer to a deeper understanding, to an inner truth that defies all conflicts and suffering of our harsh human world. The mysterious language of living light “…In the captivating book by famous soviet naturalist V.V. Lunkevich “Biology for fun” we find the following text, which seems to be, by its colourfulness and diversity, even more majestic than any fairytale scene: “He saw an extraordinary image. In front of him are passing by, sometimes in compact groups, sometimes one by one, some strange beings: at first they seem like umbrellas or bells – they are small size medusas, spreading a light sometimes blue, or green, or yellow, or purple. Among these moving lights floats peacefully, without signs of hurry, a giant medusa with an umbrella measuring 60-70 centimeters in diameter. A little farther there are fishes spreading light. As a lightning passes the moonfish, which indeed seems like a moon on the background of the other luminescent fishes. One of the fishes has “burning” eyes, another has on its head some kind of appendix, whose edge is like a lighting bulb, another one has a long wire hanging from its inferior jaw, like a little “lamp”, and other fishes “burn” completely, this because of some organs situated along their bodies like lighting bulbs spread on a string… On the bottom of the sea, among rocks and algae there are lurking mollusks and luminescent worms. On their bodies they have bright lines, spots or points shining like diamonds in light; on the openings of the underwater rocks throne starfishes also flooded in light, here also we find a lobster that lightens its way with its gigantic eyes, seeming like spread out telescopes, examining its hunting terrain.” The phenomenon is not less interesting when it is witnessed by a sensitive observer situated out of the water. This is how K. Paustovski saw it: “The sea was burning! I started to watch carefully. Even now I can’t believe that what I’ve seen was real. In such cases people tend to say that reality seems like a dream, but it’s not true. The sight in front of me seemed more wonderful than the most beautiful dream. The sea was simply burning. It seemed that its bottom was made out of marble lightened from below by a moonlike fire. The light was spreading to the horizon and there, where the darkness became like a violet ink, the sky was shining as if it were covered by a silver fog. The large line of light faded slowly. But after a short period of darkness, the sea transformed itself again into a sky full of stars, unknown, dropped to our feet. Billions of stars, hundreds of Milky Ways were floating under the sea. Fading out, they dived to the very bottom, or relightened, rising to the surface. The eye discriminated two types of light: one still, balancing slowly on the water, and another – all in continuous motion, slashing the water in rapid and violent flashes. It was the awakened fishes agitating underwater. The white fire was spreading out towards the beach and you could see clearly the bottom of the sea. Stones and tin objects were covered by a thin burning layer… I was witnessing one of the greatest phenomena in the world”.”
  12. Hello, This is Megatone. I wish to present my original tracks Blue Skies Over Arcadia, Portal To Hyperspace, Black Lotus and Infinity, included on album Pure Land. Style: cinematic neoclassical. All sounds originally synthesized. Here are some reviews on my album Pure Land: "...highly cinemati symphonic synthesizer music." ---Encyclopedia of Electronic Music "...Blue Skies Over Arcadia and Portal To Hyperspace are sweeping symphonic, outing of electronic textures." ---Sonic Immersion You may listen to these tracks on myspace page: Also here are some videos showing how the music combines with images from Blade Runner, and Star Wars and Final Fantasy respectively: Black Lotus Blue Skies Over Arcadia (in bad quality) Here is the link to album Pure Land released on digital label Tibprod Italy: Impressions are welcome.