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  1. This is going to be in my rotation for a long time. I've been groaning over the repetition in my playlist for literally weeks, and this will definitely get things moving again. It makes me want to go get some Popeye's. One thing I wanted to ask: Is there a particular reason this is listed as mix of a Super Smash Bros song rather than a Kirby song?
  2. I love marimbas, and I love Silence and Motion. When I first played this part of the game, the goofy sound effects made me completely miss everything else about the song. The Piano Collections set me straight a few years later, and since then it's been one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack. This is going straight into the rotation.
  3. I kinda expected the song to be a little catchier for a Sonic tune... especially if that's the first zone (is it?) since that's the whole "first impression" thing...
  4. It's for exactly this reason that I wouldn't want an instrumental variant of this song. First of all, it would require the addition of an instrument track to fill in the melody provided by the original vocals. Second, and more importantly, this rendition of the song is built entirely around the vocals. Although the non-vocal components of the song are great as well, once you reach the point of stripping out the vocals, you may as well just make another ReMix altogether. Despite my initial reservations, I've listened to this song at least fifteen times since I've downloaded it, and I'm sure there's plenty more ahead. It's helping me get through some metaphorical lava caverns with my own girlfriend during some uncertain but fast-approaching times.
  5. Virt, I'm glad you made this song rule even harder than it already did.
  6. I'm typically wary of mixes that add lyrics when the original track had none, but I've been trying to be more open-minded and I'm glad I gave this one a chance. Upon first listen I'll admit I rolled my eyes a bit at some of the lyrics even though the performances are great, but the more I listen to it the more I appreciate it. This track actually made me examine why I've previously avoided mixes that retroactively assign lyrics. I suppose it's because everybody interprets the instrumental differently, even if there's a clear tone, whereas lyrics typically narrow the scope of the song's "meaning" and may be at odds with one's previously-held view of the source material. It took me some time to appreciate that this is just as valid as two instrumental arrangements with wildly different moods. EDIT: I rephrased some stuff that sounded kinda rude when I really didn't mean it to. Nine years later and this is still one of my favorites from the album.
  7. The Soundtrack of P:TB is mostly ambient and calm, and not heavy on catchy melodies, but there are a few parts that stuck in my head for days last time I played through it. It does a great job of bringing forth the sort of tribal atmosphere present in the game. The music was composed by Mark Knight, who was kind enough to make the songs available at http://www.gamesounds.co.uk/downloads.html. The tracks don't seem to have actual titles (they're just numbered), but Track 4 is the one that sticks best in my memory. They each have their own charm, though. Several years ago I tried to make a little medley in Anvil Studio using these songs, but I lost all my momentum and realized that I should leave the arranging to people who know what they're doing. Populous: The Beginning Dev Bullfrog, Pub EA 1998 PC (and a very clumsy Playstation release)
  8. OMG FIRST POST! IM POGO! MY FAV GAME IS CHRONO TRIGGER DO YOU LIEK IT? I ALSO LIKE COWBOY BEBOP AMND GOLDEN BOY CUX THEIR COOL. MY FAVORITE REMIXERS ARE DJPRETZEL AND PROTRICITY! I should have looked for a thread like this when i registered. I don't really specialize in anything... I like to think i have a good ear and am handy with a controller, but i know that there are plenty of people out there who could beat me at most of the games that i play... I have a tendency to only capitalize the letter "i" when it appears at the beginning of a sentence or proper noun. It's not gimmick i have, it just seems to happen naturally... I'm actually pretty sure that i used to leave them all in lowercase. I really do blindly value Chrono Trigger over any other game in existence, and will probably do so for until i die... ...also, i try to keep my text shut around here, because i usually piss someone off whenever i say something...
  9. my vote still goes to Omega from FF5... but i haven't played many rpg outside FF...
  10. Actually... when i fought it, it only cast OmegaGreen and OmegaYellow, so all you have to do is cast the other elements, and let the TimeDevourer cast the green or yellow when it's that time of the sequence... as in... (i don't remember the sequence, but if it's green red blue yellow white black...) THIS IS PROBABLY THE WRONG ORDER. you wait for TD to cast omegagreen. then you cast a red and a blue. then you wait for the omegayellow, and then cast a white and a black. and that's it... i don't remember if you have to cast the Chrono Cross before the sequence or after it. i think it's before. EDIT: oh yeah, and it really wasn't that hard to beat TD to death... i mean, on my first New Game + with just Serge, it was cake. Maybe i just put too much work into custom-allocating my elements...
  11. i'm gonna have to go with Omega Weapon in ff8, but only on the condition that you don't use Hero or Holy War... Of course, Omega in ff5 kicked my ass too... i guess i'll go back and fix him...
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