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  1. Awesome remix. Along with Kefka Goes West, this is a mix I regularly listen to if I need an energy boost. I start out with West, then move onto Carnival, and soon I'm bouncing off the walls. Oh, and that picture somehow reminds me of those Project A-Ko movies...
  2. Seriously, download this mix right now. I'll wait. Welcome back. See what I mean? I've heard this mix probably sixty times, and each time it feels like something new is happening. Especially the oft-hailed transition portion. You simply won't believe how deft and effortless Noppz makes the transition to Wild Wild West. I know I didn't. One of the top ten mixes on the site.
  3. Seconded. I constanty come back to this one. And Cid is my favorite FF character, so it all works out.
  4. In the words of Carl Brutananadilewski, and I quote: It's like some badass samurai infiltration unit decided to crash the industrial ninja base, (it's my fantasy, c'mon, work with me) and they're sneaking around hallways, snapping necks like twigs, getting all stabby, and generally kicking all kinds of ass until BAM! They shoot a poison dart into the ninja guru, then slink back to the palace and celebrate with much sake and "kinky kinky space pirate sex." Whatever the hell that is. Seriously, though, DKC mixes are orgasmic anyway, and this just put me in a mood. Props, bro. Props.
  5. Damnit, just damnit. I've waited too long for something like this to come along. After I downloaded this, I was noticing that my toes were a-tappin'. I said to myself "Self, what is this blessed noise coming from our speakers?" I replied "Why, it's Mazedude, me! Ask us no more." Ahem, too much Golem. Psychosis aside, I found that the second after I saw that Mazedude had remixed this tune, the download was 98% over with. However, I do believe that he outdid himself here. This should be a track to the next Sonic. Simple as that.
  6. Absolutely incredible. I usually despise Uber mixes, but this one feels like it should be the menu music to tne next Mario adventure. Most assuredly, one of the best Mario ReMixes I've heard to date. The transitions are smooth, the instruments are well-chosen and used, and the pacing is extremely balanced so as to give proper homage to each theme presented. The Yoshi ending struck me a little sideways at first, but it's tropical roots definitely tied everything together for the themes this peice had. I'll give it twelve Kuribo's shoes out of fourteen. Why twelve and not five? Because Kuribo's shoes make up for their lack of usefulness and frequency with sheer coolness. That's why. Trust me.
  7. Don't know what the hell I'm thinking of, using all this French. Anyway, this theme is very very low and mean. It feels like a scene in a movie where the bad guy prepares for the search, while the good guy prepares to fight and/or evade the bad guy. Most clearly, though, it feels like a lost theme from the great movie with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive. It has that cat-and-mouse kind of feel to it, with undertones of misunderstood evil and completely understood evil warring with each other. Yet another calm-before-the-storm theme, just like the ones my grandpa used to play. Ok, he never did, but you can imagine what it'd be like if he did, right? No? Ok then. Moving on.
  8. The whole thing just feels like one of those scenes in an action movie when all the guys are preparing for battle, and are gearing up in a badass warehouse, or tunnel, or cave or something with a theme like this pumping in the background, psyching you out. The fade-in also lends it to be more cinematic (popcorn-cinematic, mind) in this way, making feel more like a calm-before-the-bloodbath type theme. The kind I love. This feeling is echoed when the demons are introduced. It feels like this could be incorporated in a movie, as the theme is playing, the guys are walking in slow motion with all the kickass guns and bazookas and such, then the demons are introduced, left to right. I do believe I've watched too much Blade lately. Anyway, kickass song, and I hope to see more from analoq in this fashion.
  9. Ok, pretty much everything in SMB3, heck, everything Koji Kondo touches, for that matter, is just plain classic. But SMB3 is just about the most classic of all of them, either by the massive quality of the game, the massive quality of the songs, or most likely both. In such fashion, though, you make something that has such high standards, that most remixers, even the most competent, steer clear most of the time. DJ Orange has none of that pride/fear to inhibit him, and I'm very glad it doesn't. While in my top five favorite songs on SMB3, the Pipe Land overworld tune isn't exactly one of the most varied/remix-rich type tunes out there, but that can be a good thing. The main melody, beat, and flow makes for a perfect wire-frame with which to hang the fairly competent texture maps that make up the whole of the experience. DJ Orange: Please, tell me there's more where that came from. T.Co's Rating: /5 smileys
  10. I agree, this mix is hella good, but saying it's the best McVaffe is kind of defeating the point. McVaffe's mixes are like Skittles. The more you've got going, the better the flava. Some, like DevilSLAB, Underground Riddims, Crystalline Caverns, and the like, absolutely must be heard in succession, as their quality and professionalism seem to shine through when you're not 100% ready for it. Take Crystalline Caverns. I had that one on a burned CD, and I hadn't listened to the mix for about a month. When it came on, I had no idea what song it was remixing, so the whole thing sounded like an original composition. Then the main cavern melody came in and I was immediately overjoyed. That is what the entire experience of OCR is, my friends; not expecting much, (from McVaffe? riiiiight) and getting a lot.
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