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  1. Awesome, thanks for the help . I'll try to stop asking stupid questions now and get to work xD (I'm starting to regret winning now xD)
  2. Christ, really? Well, I'm gonna have to speed up then. (Unless of course you were joking, but I take it you weren't?) By the way, Protodome, (I suppose I could easilly just find some kinda tutorial on this, but there's no harm in asking, right?) How exactly do I get drums when using midi out in FL?
  3. Great, sounds easy. I'll just brush the many gnawed chicken legs off my piano and start from there (Chicken legs and piano - the source of many a creative tune xD) And thanks for the tip, Protodome, this would've taken me ages in Anvil studio. By the way, if I take too long, or pass whatever the definition of "Soon-ish" is, feel free to PM me or find some metaphorical (Or even literal if you wish) way of slapping me in the face, just to wake me up. I'm sure I'll be fine, but you never know. Oh, and by "Before next month" You mean like in a day? it's next month in 2 days isn't it? >.< Ga
  4. Great, no pressure then ¬¬ I generally use Anvil Studio for all things midi, but it's quite a pain to use. I suppose I could try and figure out how to make midi with FL studio, or I could just use another easier program. Any suggestions? (Oh yeah, and what date do I have to send it in by? Better yet, where do I send it? Even better yet, why the hell don't I just get this info from the competition homepage? Who knows...) *Edit* Ah, the answer to the latter seems to be because the information is rather vague on the homepage. So do I just PM the midi to Doulife when It's done or something? Sorry
  5. Holy crap! I won? Damnit, it thought Gario's was way better xD It was kinda repetetive I know, I intended to go back and add stuff and change it up a bit, but due to the unfortunate (And rather 'convenient') Laptop complication, alas I could not. (You may be glad to know that my laptop has made a reasonable recovery) (Oh, and in response to the "Where's the panning and soundscapes" comment in the votes, I kinda went overboard with the file compression to fit the apparent 6mb limit, and seemingly the mild lfo on the lead, slight panning, and kinda-dynamic effects seem to have been lost - or at
  6. Oh, cool. I thought the hard limit was 6. Now I know it isn't,I can bend the guidelines in the future And /voted =] I am allowed to vote, right? I remember reading on the comp homepage that I can vote (As long as I don't vote for myself), though I can't find the page anymore, so I'm inclined to believe that it might have been a dream xD Edit: *Facepalm* Found it. Who'd have thought that you could reach the homepage by clicking the big banner that says "Original Remix Competition"? xD
  7. Well, I made a remix =) Just one problem (Brace yourselves for a long-winded and rather improbable story xD) : After 'finishing' the mix (Well, not perfectly finished, but in a state where you could call it so) I rendered it to mp3 and put it on my PSP (For some reason I like to test it on my PSP). This was like a week ago. Some time between then and now,my laptop died. It completely spazzed out xD But at least I still have the MP3 Soo, I'll get to my problem now - My mp3 is 7.5 megs, the upload limit for the competition is 6 megs, I can't re-render it in a lower quality due to a dead laptop,
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