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  1. Nice source DW. I almost forgot this place existed, I've been bogged down with so much stuff lately. Uploaded my remix.
  2. Heh, I also missed the voting stage. Not sure who I would've voted for anyway though.
  3. I was gonna do the same thing again and get a remix done in the first few days (I was gonna name it "A Nameless Entry (Just to annoy Gario)" too ). Though alas, it ended up sucking arse and was scrapped.
  4. Ah, sorry, that was pretty stupid of me. I did mean it in more of a helpful way, if it came off as snide or something. Actually, looking through it, my post was terrible. I'll go back and edit it now.
  5. You could use pretty much any synth to sound like Owl City - especially since from what I've heard none of the instruments he uses sound particularly ground-breaking or unique to particular synths. For example, the opening arp from Hello Seattle - I'm pretty sure that arp could be made in quite a lot of general synths, though since you mentioned Toxic Biohazard, I'll show you how to make it in TB with only a tiny bit of tweaking. Oddly enough, the first preset ("12 bit sine ToTc") actually sounds very much like it already, so we'll start from that: Set unison voices to 0 (Or "---" as it's show
  6. Sorry, have I done something wrong? I was pretty sure somewhere in the rules it said that when you vote you get an amount of points equal to a first place vote, so (Assuming I didn't vote for myself - which I'm pretty sure is against the rules anyway) things remain the same. Thus, whether you vote or not, nothing has changed Ah, I just read the rules page (here: http://www.doulifee.com/prc/Orc/orcrules.php this isn't outdated is it?) in the middle of writing this, and apparently I only receive 3 points, while 1st place receives 4. And, since they're the rules I initally read, you can be sure I
  7. Voted (Even though it's kinda pointless since there's only two entries)
  8. 1 week left. Anyone else working on anything?
  9. Alright, in the middle of chucking something together as I speak (well, type). Almost done. Edit: Uploaded. (Well, actually I uploaded it like a week ago, but I forgot to mention it)
  10. I was the only person who voted? If I'd have known that, I would've made the effort not to babble about something stupid XD
  11. Voted and 'critiqued' (you'll understand why I used inverted commas once you read it ¬¬) Oh, and I think you're supposed to PM that link to Doulifée. Not that it matters that much, but technically the next ORC hasn't started, so anyone could get an unfair week's headstart (If anyone's really that competetive here)
  12. Alright, I finally managed to cobble something together. It's not much, but I've sent it (I accidentally clicked the "add to contacts" button when it asked out of habit. Sorry if it sends some stupid MSN invite or something) I was gonna do a full classical piano arrangement, but I've been kinda busy lately.
  13. Gah, the deadline's the 20th? For some reason I remembered it as the 27th (I must have got it confused with the voting deadline - Thank god I came back and checked) I'm determined to get something in though, no matter how bad it ends up. I'm suprised nobody seems to have shown much interest in this. Has anyone actually submitted anything yet?
  14. Well... perhaps if we beg doulifée he might grant a tiny extension for you to upload it? Possibly? ...Perhaps? Besides, something tells me HeWhoIsIAm might appreciate the chance to possibly not have to make the next source. I get the feeling he's a little occupied at the moment (I have no idea what gave that impression... )
  15. Just under a day left. (Thought I'd say it before Kyle Nin does usually he beats me to it)
  16. Really? That's odd, I was under the impression that it was bland, repetetive, and somewhat badly done Then again, it might just be my all-round cynical outlook on everything (It's my job to be pessimistic, I'm british).
  17. Well, I've started working on something. I'm not too good, but OCR gets $5 either way, so I may as well give it a shot.
  18. I guess I can use this extension to try and fix whatever the hell's going on with my bass. I just don't get it, the mp3 sounds fine (in all aspects concerning the bass/quality, and not the overall crappiness of the mix ) but once it reaches the player, the bass just goes horrible and lo-fi. I guess it's just a matter of trial and error, and re-uploading till I get it right. Or till I end up being distracted by something shiny. Knowing me, most likely the latter.
  19. Nobody else entered? Aw, it was a good source as well. Was anyone else even working on an entry?
  20. I'd never even heard of this game before, but that is one awesome track! My interest has definitely been piqued =) If I find the time, I might have a crack at this. *edit* Finished and uploaded.
  21. My musical abomination is complete =) Tha sauce player seems to have crushed the quality quite a bit (The bass wasn't that lo-fi, honest) though the mp3 download quality seems fine. Wierd. Nontheless, it's uploaded.Though I might come back and make it better somehow since there's still a while left.
  22. Haha, that's a great idea! A classical string quartet played on steel drums and cowbells. Something tells me that would be priceless.
  23. Did someone call for a musical abomination? I believe I'm the guy you're looking for =) This one's pretty open for creativity. Indeed, it seems quite "doable". Of course, the only problem now is deciding on a genre, and wondering what instruments to use. No doubt I'll cycle through about nine different genres before churning out something vaguely submittable. Sounds fun, count me in!
  24. I kinda had the same problem. It's not the easiest track to remix. Still, this is DW's first win, and I'd hate for him to go remixless. I'm trying but my mix seems to be failing hard, so in the end I might just give up and hope for the best. Anyway, best of luck to the other remixers giving it a go. And Divinewrath, don't forget to do your midi source for ORC (PM it to doulifeé by january 1st) If I don't enter this, I'll definitey enter your ORC =)
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