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  1. One hour remaining. Good luck, guys.
  2. ...I actually won? Aw crap, guess that means I need to churn out a midi for tomorrow. I'll get right on it. Done. Source uploaded and sent. Here's to the survival of the ORC for at least another month.
  3. Alright, uploaded. Now we're just waiting on Chroxic's promising-sounding entry
  4. Alright, I had an hour free, so I improvised a piano arrangement (albeit a horribly bad one). One problem - ThaSauce isn't letting me upload. It just has an option to "view votes". What do?
  5. Oh god, I need to do this. I've just started my first year of sixth-form, and the shit has very much hit the fan. Last year I just cruised through my GCSE's, not studying, spending all my time on gaming and side projects; I got straight A's. I thought I could stick to that mentality through my A-levels, but I was very much WRONG. YAY. Glad to see that the ORC won't be dying just yet. Though it certainly doesn't matter if you're a beginner. I was a complete beginner when I started in ORC, but gradually got better. (Though oddly, with PRC, it seems I gradually got worse. See here. Oh the humanity.) If nobody else offers, you can delegate the source-making to me. I don't generally have much time, but the music department has midi software so it'd be easy enough for me to compose something during my study periods (Albeit instead of studying).
  6. Nice speech, completely true. I've actually improved quite a bit thanks to the ORC. It's a great chance to get critiqued, and to better yourself. Also to get better at composition (Nothing quite gets my creative juices flowing like having a short deadline and knowing that the competition depends on getting your source in on time). I would have loved to get something in for this, though right now it seems less and less possible. I'm bogged down with crap, have no time, and currently only have these crappy scavenged phone headphones to work with. I really hope someone manages to get something in, or for someone new to give ORC a try. ORC was my first music competition, and my first real online forum interaction. I'd hate to see it die.
  7. A picture of an old, depressed chimpanzee I drew yesterday at 2am.
  8. I'd give it a go, but my monitors got busted on new years.
  9. Gah, forgot to vote. I hadn't realised the voting stage had even started (I forget that the deadlines are way shorter than the ORC). Oh well, glad to have another last place spoon for my collection.
  10. Only six hours left! Anyone working on anything?
  11. I'm ashamed to admit that I've actually used that phrase a few times. I just hope to god that Street Sharks don't rise from the grave to trademark the phrase "Jawesome!", or I'm screwed.
  12. I decided to remix your request for this month's PRC. It's not too good, but I've been meaning to remix this for a while.
  13. Working on a track, almost finished. It's a remix of Roquefort Ridge, from James Pond 3, as asked for in this request: Edit: Uploaded my remix.
  14. Heh. If there had been any other remixes, I'm sure the respect would lie elsewhere. Out of the ORC frequenters, I'm still a newcomer. I was quite hoping for an epic Shreddage-heavy mix from HewhoisIam. That would have no-doubt blown my arse out of the water.
  15. Problem - I've got my mix (Albeit still somewhat of a mess), but when I click "Log in to submit an entry", it just takes me to the homepage, and the window name across the top reads: "Nothing found for Modules Php?name=Your_Account" I've tried with Opera, IE, and Firefox. It's the same for all of them, so I'm guessing it's not a browser issue. Is something up with ThaSauce? Edit: Got it, had to click the small red "You are not logged in" text, in the top-right. Edit again: Uploaded my entry.
  16. Three days remaining. I've had an almost-finished track sitting around for a while now, in desperate need of some fixing up. It may end up being pretty crap, but I suppose it's better than nothing. I hope there's at least one other entry. The source sounds well suited for Shreddage. Oh, if only we knew an ORC frequenter who happened to have recently got Shreddage. Cough cough.
  17. My french is awful, but I'll give it a go: Salut! Avez vu une anniversaire tres bonne! Uh... Mon anniversaire dernier, je suis au Yorkshire, et cet'ait horrible, mais je digress. Je pense que ton anniversaire serait grande! Oh god. Proof that having a B in GCSE french proves nothing.
  18. Nice source. I don't have much free time, but I started work on something. Might not get it finished in time though.
  19. Yup, all is good. (Also, inb4 "1 day left, and only one entry", from Kyle Nin.)
  20. Hell yesh. I've been a big fan of Graeme Norgate for years! There's only minutely small chance, if any, that I'll actually get time to make an entry for this, but nonetheless it's nice to see some Norgate love.
  21. Phew, I'd almost forgotten about this, and was about to go to bed and get straight on the plane for Poland in a few hours (Because when you think of summer holidays, of course the first place that springs to mind is Auschwitz). I wasn't expecting to win, but I chucked together a contingency source just in case. Uploading nao. Edit: Alright, sent to Doulifée (I assume, since my Sent folder always remains empty, and I get paranoid that I haven't actually sent it).
  22. Voted on the first day. Though I think I went on a crazy ramble in my vote.
  23. Sorry for the incredibly late accept. I hardly ever check my user CP since nobody around here ever speaks to me.