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  1. The voice clip is actually found in the new DLC. Apparently this is almost certainly fake.
  2. I've wanted an SSB-style game with Playstation characters for as long as I can remember. My only problem is that so far it seems to be only using characters from franchises currently solely owned by Sony. It most likely won't have the classic, quintessentially Playstation characters, due to Sony selling off its classic franchises. No Crash Bandicoot, no Lara Croft. It's still awesome and all, but a lot of the appeal of SSB comes from brawling with the classic characters you know and love, and in many cases grew up with. It's not the same with Colonel Radec. Though I guess there's Parappa and S
  3. Not sure if this thread is somewhat pointless now since the competition's over, but: It's a soundfont player. It plays soundfonts You don't have to buy the soundfont player. There's plenty of free ones, such as this one. In fact, you can find a massive number of free and cheap VSTs and samples all around the internet. Which is why I wouldn't really recommend that you bother upgrading to Signature. While it's definitely brilliant value and it definitely comes with some awesome stuff, I'd recommend just getting Producer Edition (If anything, for the automation clips alone. I jumped straight in
  4. Uploaded my entry. Shame I can never really think of anything to put in the description box.
  5. For added effect, repeatedly shout "You shouldn't have come here!" over the top of it, at two-second intervals.
  6. Oh the nostalgia! God, I grew up with this game. I haven't PRC'd in a long time, but I'm definitely working on something for this. Edit: Uploaded. The title was the only crab-related thing that came to mind.
  7. Because the majority of people are brainless idiots who will eat whatever the mainstream media spoonfeeds them and love it, and base their music/clothing/lifestyle tastes on the general social perception of the thing in question rather than the actual content? That has to be the single most hipster thing I have ever typed. I feel I should now be wearing shutter-shades and frequently using the word 'sheeple'. This is the most enraging phrase in existence. It has the power to completely trivialize a perfectly valid (and most likely completely correct if that's the only rebuttal) negative opi
  8. Sam Neill did great in it, but my god, knowing what this film could've been will make watching Jurassic Park slightly saddening.
  9. And now I know what Ethan Mars would look like if he were some kind of creepy Sith lord.
  10. As soon as he started doing capoeira, this immediately started playing in my head:
  11. Happy (two-days-after) birthday!
  12. Or maybe people got sick of waiting through a '30-second' advert that freezes to buffer every 2 seconds while the "Your content will be displayed in..." counter refuses to go down during these periods. Every. Single. Time. Especially when said advert only decides to appear halfway through the episode, returning you to the start of the video after wiping the content your computer had already buffered. Or maybe that's just me. Still watch it every week, though.
  13. I think he's probably just happy to be getting so much attention. You and I are clearly on opposite wavelengths.
  14. I'm hopeful he will, since It's now awaiting approval as a video response (after taking about an hour to locate the "upload video response" button).
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