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  1. But it was you who made the original track, so surely that would make you awesome-er (If that's even a word)

  2. Yeah. Either way, you said he was awesome, so I guess that indirectly makes me awesome. So, um, thanks xD

  3. Um, nope, I guess I'm not him then. It would have been a pretty wierd coincidence if I was.

  4. Odd. Perhaps I am him?

  5. I see, good to know. That's a good thing, right? Or was he a total weirdo, and that's why I remind you of him?

  6. First post in this thread, under instructions. It's rule number 7 So techically yes, though you can't win.
  7. Also voted. Well, turns out I'd already voted but completely forgot I'd done it (Lucky I got deja vu before I tried to vote a second time).
  8. About to upload my entry now (If my bad connection permits it) Don't expect anything amazing though.
  9. Yeah, that's also a good idea. In fact, it's such a good idea that I've almost finished my entry for it =)
  10. Hmm, yeah CMC looks pretty intriguing. Perhaps I'll give that a try (Providing the theme can inspire me) Thanks for the idea =)
  11. True. But I just like to lurk, I'm shy like that xD
  12. Aww, now I don't have an excuse not to spend time with the familly xD Oddly enough, December is the least busy time of year for me. I already got everything done last month Well, you've got an entire month to make a source Divine Wrath, so when we get back, it better blow our faces off! (You've read the rules and stuff, right? Must be a midi file, generally around 3 minutes etc.) Good luck I suppose I'll just go back to lurking for a while then, since ORC is the only thing I seem to post in. Or maybe another compo will pique my interest, who knows? =)
  13. Congrats on the win, Divine Wrath. You're not supposed to vote for yourself though xD (Though seemingly you would have won anyway, so no harm done) Can't wait to hear your source for next months compo, you best get to work
  14. Wow, both very nice entries And there's two more entries than I'd honestly expected there would be for this xD Thanks guys. As soon as I remember my ThaSauce password, I'll vote, though I'm not entirely sure who for yet.
  15. Ah, right. Thanks for the info =) It's been 3 months, yet I'm still a complete newb xD
  16. Yeah, there is (Though I only recently noticed the deadline wasn't actually the 15th), I just wondered what would happen with next month's source if there were no entries is all, and since I'm sure everyone's pretty busy with stuff (I know I am - I've got a crapload of exams) it's a possible case. Then again, will it be a christmas special, like halloween?
  17. *Tumbleweed rolls by* Hmm, looks like there might be no entries this time round. I suppose it wasn't the most 'remixable' track, it didn't even have a particularly prominent melody. So, if there ends up being no entries, does Sir_Nuts get to make the next source, since he won last month? Or would it be me again?
  18. Congrats, Sir_NutS, the win was thoroughly deserved (and not particularly unexpected)
  19. Yeah, shame there weren't any more, The source was damn awesome! For some reason I was expecting there to be loads of entries this time round, it is halloween after all. C'mon, where's everyone's halloween spirit?
  20. Uploaded my entry It's no way near as good as I'd first hoped, but regardless, it's here in all it's mediocre glory.
  21. Hmm... that's actually a brilliant idea. Though I don't think all the time in the world could allow me to make something "well done" when it comes to midi xD Still, it was good to actually get some practice in that area, midi has always kinda been where I lack in prowess. Plus I've been fairly busy lately, so even finding time for this remix is a little hard. So far I've found the time to get a decent 1:50 of the remix done. Oh, I can enter this, right? I mean, I did win the last ORC, but since my source isn't being used this month, I'm still allowed to enter? (Besides, in the slim chance that I actually 'win', it would put everything back in order since I've already done next month's source, so it could fix the problem willrock mentioned earlier =D )
  22. I love this source, I might give it a go if I can find the time
  23. Ookay, finished as expected it's not exactly brilliant. Or good at all, for that matter xD Now to just post it to Doulifée and I'll be on my merry way =)
  24. Hell yeah! I mean... sounds spiffing old bean. Just let me dust off my bowler hat and we'll... Oh fiddlesticks, some blighter's pinched it. Whoever took it is in for some serious fisticuffs! - Tally Ho
  25. Yup, completly english Not sure if I should be too happy about that any more though, I hear our country isn't doing too well xD Great, all seems to be working perfectly now. It's annoying having to convert all the channels back to midi-outs every time I want to test it, but it's still much more bearable then Anvil studio. I also knew that the drum channel is 10, but for some reason it just seemed too simple to just set the channel to 10, so I never thought to try it. Thanks for the help, I think I might be actually able to meet the looming deadline now =) Just don't go expecting a masterpiece or anything, it's sounding horribly mediocre at the moment ¬¬