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  1. Funny you should mention that, TF2 just got updated with the ability to craft the new hats. The Mask and Camera Beard can also be crafted as hats despite being in the Misc. slot. EDIT: This means that not only can you craft 3 Refined Metal into a Mask or Beard, you can also craft 2 Masks/Beards into a hat. And they still have the better-than-hats drop rate. Wut.
  2. Which is why you have your Medic run up while Ubered to distract the Sentry. And it sounds like Level 3 Sentries have 216 HP or something in that neighborhood, so the Homewrecker is more than capable of two-shotting them. (Theorycrafting is fun!)
  3. Burst vs. DPS. The age old argument. How much HP do Level 3s have? Because the Homewrecker would do 130 damage per swing if the +100% vs. buildings is accurate.
  4. (SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO DISCOVER THE NEW ITEMS ON THEIR OWN) 9 Hats: Scout - Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Soldier - Killer's Kabuto Pyro - Triboniphorus Tyrannus (Jigglebone'd) Demoman - Hustler's Hallmark (Jigglebone'd) Heavy - Hound Dog Engineer - Hotrod Medic - Physician's Procedure Mask (Misc. Slot) Sniper - Shooter's Sola Topi Spy - Magistrate's Mullet 3 Weapons: Heavy - The Dalokoh's Bar (Secondary) +50 HP for 30 Seconds Cannot be dropped like Sandvich Soldier/Demoman - The Pain Train (Melee) +1 capture rate +10% damage from bullets Pyro - The Homewrecker (Melee) +100% damage vs. buildings -25% damage vs. players Source and Pics. (DISCLAIMER: Exact numbers may be off on the weapons. I'm just ripping from the OP.)
  5. I'm going to add that, depending on whether or not the fireproof suit blocks afterburn, it has the potential to be useful with the Dead Ringer. (Foolproof feigns vs. Pyros? Yes please.) Losing the Revolver/Ambassador will definitely hurt like a mother though. That is all.
  6. Since the Scout was originally designed with just the Scattergun, it stands to reason that it would be a more general purpose weapon than any unlocks for it. The way you play Scout, the FAN doesn't offer much. Fair enough. But that doesn't mean that the FAN is useless.
  7. Huh. I didn't expect the total number of unique visits to be so low.
  8. Well don't I feel special. =3 Just Die Already! -- Feign death with the Dead Ringer 5 times in one life. (atmuh's idea, IIRC.) ... This may or may not be redundant, depending on the list D-Lux already has waiting. EDIT: Sweet, almost caught up to mrflea for Super Sapper. EDIT2: FireSlash, do you happen to know how I ended up being the second most popular profile today? o.O;
  9. I'm not sure I could survive them. Well, I could if overhealed, but I'd be in the red, then take fall damage.
  10. I admit I haven't gone Medic in a while, but that's mostly because I've slowly shifted into a cynical bastard who would much rather play a class he enjoys when I feel like it, rather than being roped into it by guilt/persuasion/whatever. Can I Medic? Definitely. Do I feel like being a Medic? Depends on my mood. And how many Spies we already have. I won't go Spy if we already have 2, for instance. EDIT: Jeez, do you make a living out of pumpkin jumps? o_O;
  11. Ahem. Also, the Kritzkrieg has its uses. The Ubercharge is more consistently useful, but the Kritzkrieg has the potential to wipe the enemy team before they can react. Risk/Reward, etc. I was about to say "Anything that buffs Heavies, they need it," but then I remembered Frogg is a regular... If your referring to the pumpkin bombs, they're fairly well spread out, although their mere presence does create a previously nonexistent risk to being in certain areas. Such as B's roof. There's tons of them on B's roof.
  12. Think Gravelpit, but with a makeover in the Halloween style, as seen in Harvest Event. Includes pumpkin bombs and Zephaniah Mann's ghost. I did a quick walkthrough earlier and it's really quite pretty -- the different lighting makes a huge difference on its own.
  13. Without causing any more drama than necessary, there's a not-so-fine line between not healing someone because they're annoying, and not knowing how to use your Ubercharge. HoopyFrood, I don't think it was you.
  14. What if you're calling for Medic with critical health and he insists on chasing a Scout with his Syringe Gun?
  15. Speaking of which, I had two hats until yesterday: The Professional's Panama and the Stainless Pot. Yesterday, I got a third: Master's Yellow Belt. So I craft it with the Panama and what do I get? Soldier's Stash. I swear I am doomed to have nothing but Soldier and Sniper hats. >.<
  16. Last I checked, OCR isn't exactly a Serious Business server. Also, if we're smart about the achievement requirements, we could promote good teamwork instead of killing it. (Model Patient: Kill an enemy that attacked an allied Medic in the last 5 seconds. Just off the top of my head.) I doubt anyone would object to a test run. I mean, that's sort of the point of a test. <.< AFAIK, HLStats only says who has the most instances of a particular action or weapon kill. Achievements have the potential to record more complex actions. As for your final point, I'd imagine this is mostly for the regulars.
  17. Yeah, a better way of phrasing that would be "While cloaked, take damage from 5 people before decloaking." Why So Paranoid?: Dominate ParanoidDrone while he's a Spy. (Frogg would have this one several times over.)
  18. Only if they have the Backburner and the Spy's stupid enough/trapped enough to face away from him. It's more a matter of "Catch a DR Spy with less than 10-20 HP." I speak from experience. <.<
  19. I don't mind much either way, really. If nothing else, they could be a light-hearted way of poking fun at the tendencies of certain regulars. The hard part will be coming up with snappy names for the achievements.
  20. Um, I'm pretty sure you admin permissions to do it. o_O Unless I'm mistaken.
  21. At Brushfire's request, a link to a bunch of admin commands here. In particular, the command for initiating a vote from the console is: sm_vote "Question?" "Answer1" "Answer2" ... "AnswerN"
  22. That's just 4 minutes of you failing that same jump over and over again in high speed, isn't it?
  23. Fourth! Anyway, it's nice to see an OP that's up to date. Sorry Bahamut.
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