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  1. Yes, it is addictive. And lol @ "Skill Rockets" and "Skill Stickies." Or whatever the Direct Hit/Scottish Resistance awards are called. "Skill" is in both of them.
  2. I'm loving some of the new artwork they have for the awards. Lucky Duck in particular.
  3. I actually haven't seen Miyako play Demoman much recently. Then again, I'm on at rather odd hours.
  4. I don't get it, Bleck. Not when you change your posts per page settings, nyah~ (Mrs. Bark, I dearly wish I was present for the conversation in question.)
  5. Actually, yeah. It's easier to dodge 3 bullets than 24 sticky bombs. Yes, all Sticky Launchers and Scottish Resistances. No Demoknights. (Compounding my frustration is that either I or another Medic died with full Uber at least 5 times. And the Ubers we did pull off were mostly ineffective. I think I'll go do something else before I get too much steam.)
  6. <hijack> So I apologize if I sounded overly bitchy on Dustbowl earlier, but... SIX DEMOMEN. SIX. That is all. </hijack>
  7. I fail to see how this is a bannable offense. It's more or less equivalent to an Engineer building and destroying the same structure over and over. ... Who?
  8. Best word ever. Accurate, too. We now return you to your originally scheduled topic.
  9. Never played a full game on it, so I can't say. Looked pretty, though.
  10. Considering how often a Dustbowl point can be all but captured before RED comes in and wipes us off and we can't get it together for another coordinated push, this is probably a good thing. <.<
  11. I had no idea we had cp_vector on the server. Remind me to nominate it next time we RTV.
  12. Someone refresh my memory: What's the community opinion on ctf_vector? I seem to recall generalized hate, but I can't be sure. Reason I ask is because the maker has a standard CP version too, which may get a more favorable response. Link.
  13. Not terribly surprised, since it's basically Badlands mid + Granary 2nd/final points + Alpine theme.
  14. This is mostly @ Rambo: I don't force scrambles because... 1. I didn't know I could until relatively recently 2. When we're getting rolled, I don't think "stacked teams," I think "stupid teammates." Usually. 3. I'd rather not have to defend my decision to force a scramble in the face of power abuse accusations. 4. RTV tends to cause less of a ruckus anyway. In unrelated news, 4-Sentry farms are a BITCH to take down. Even with two Ubered Demomen.
  15. Sniper Rifle takes 5 seconds to charge iirc. The Huntsman takes 1.
  16. Demomen can headshot now? o_O In all seriousness, the Huntsman -Travels faster -Does not cause self-damage -Can headshot -Can be charged for a straighter trajectory, faster speed, more damage, and longer range Distinct enough from grenades and stickies imo.
  17. The Ambassador has -15% power, -20% fire speed compared to the vanilla Revolver.
  18. This has nothing whatsoever to do with your post, but... YOUR SIG! NEGATIVE MAN! That is all. OT: What about the Huntsman/Ambassador?
  19. FWIW, I think the reason people don't try for scrambles is because RTV is easier. Either that or they forget scramble exists. (Guilty...) Compared to Scouts, Snipers, and Spies? Damn straight. Especially when Ubered, or maybe Kritzkrieged if Lady Luck smiles on you.
  20. Earlier today: 1 Medic (me) 2 Pyros 1 Heavy (Frogg) 2 Scouts 2 Snipers 1 Spy If Frogg wasn't on our team, I would have changed classes in a heartbeat. Sometimes Medic just isn't worth the trouble. (EDIT: Not to put down the Pyros and Frogg, it's just that having 2/3 of your team being unsuited for Medic buddy duty makes one question the point of going Medic in the first place.)
  21. For my part, I tend to forget I have a reserve slot. <.< EDIT: Panic is worth keeping IMO, if we're still having that debate.
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