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  1. Multicore rendering is finicky for TF2 and doesn't always work on every machine, or so I heard. I vaguely recall hearing that in some cases it can make the game run worse, but I lack any sort of evidence to back this up. It doesn't help that the game wasn't optimized for multicore to begin with.
  2. mp_forceautoteam Self explanatory -- forces players to join a random team when they enter. Thoughts?
  3. So among all this Mac update fever, I noticed that the class tips have received a major overhaul. For example: Engineers can help other Engineers build stuff. M2 rotates building blueprints. It's better to use an Ubercharge early or to save yourself than to die with a full charge. Ditto for the Buff Banner. Reload your gun as a Spy to make your disguise reload as well. Using Bonk to distract a Sentry. Drawing Sentry fire as an Ubered Medic to make it easier for your patient to move in and destroy it. Compression blast extinguishes teammates. Heal Soldiers and Demomen when the map starts so they have extra health to rocket jump with. The Dead Ringer is obvious when used too soon to be plausible. Spies can take enemy Teleporters. Engineers should avoid standing on their exits because of this. The bottle's damage is the same whether it's broken or not. (I lol'd at this one.) Friendly disguises. Drop Sandvich with M2. The Dead Ringer's cloak does not flicker. And other weapon stats and esoteric bits of information that most of us no doubt know already but are nonetheless obscured to new players. Personally, I think it's a fantastic change.
  4. *makes mental note to reclaim global Revolver/Sapper awards* Er...you saw nothing. <.< EDIT: I find a strange irony in possessing the award for most Razorbacks broken. I think I'm getting careless.
  5. The fact that the stats only count the last 28 days?
  6. If I wasn't having computer issues for two weeks, the stats would back me up on this.
  7. Blog update. TF2 for Mac tomorrow, which is "later this week" in Valve Time. Damn, the Scout looks badass in that picture.
  8. Just appreciating the irony of a failspy accusing one of the best Spies on the server of hacking by reacting to the decloak sound. Is it... ..spectacular?
  9. It's also easier for us to make fun of him that way.
  10. Amusingly, I was called a hacker last night by some Spy that kept uncloaking close enough for me to hear him plain as day. Like, a body length away.
  11. Saw that...about an hour ago, actually. Epic beyond words. The Medic isn't as perfect a match though as far as facial structure is concerned.
  12. Yeah, that was kind of funny on Granary. "I think I disabled the right one." *server lag* "..." Then on Nucleus: "No pregame mayhem for now." *lag* "..." So yeah...
  13. It's nothing on Pav's end, is it? It would really suck if the source of the issue boiled down to overdue bills.
  14. But is there a need? Serious question. o.O
  15. Hmm...I was unaware of this little development... EDIT: Mrs. Bark delivers.
  16. Okay, I lol'd. For real. But you forgot to link it to this.
  17. True. But when he has a pet Medic (or two...) dear lord is he a pain in the ass. Also I'm pretty sure that about half of our bitching about him is good-natured ribbing at his tendency to kill everything in front of him.
  18. To be fair, you don't have to be on the same team as your friend to be playing with them. (Anecdotally, I take greater pleasure from beating the crap out of them ingame than I do by working together.)
  19. Since when was Follower back on the nominate list? o_O
  20. IIRC, the only customs in the rotation are pl_frontier and cp_coldfront_rc3. There may be more on the nominate list, but I can't remember.
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