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  1. Observations from tonight: I take my Spying seriously. I get angry with myself when I fail repeatedly for several lives in a row. Very angry. Nothing is better for curing this anger than landing some sweet headshots with the Ambassador. Also apologies to atmuh, who I told to "kindly stfu" if memory serves, but I was a bit testy at the time, for the above reasons.
  2. Atmuh, you're forgetting I play Spy. I'm already used to my melee not critting and dying when the wind blows the wrong way. Besides, I thought the Blutsauger proved that "No critical hits" is pretty much worthless as a tradeoff? (Granted, melee crit rate > normal crit rate, but still.) Hell, with the Ambassador, I NEVER get random crits as Spy.
  3. I use the Eyelander. I don't necessarily use the Chargin' Targe. Learn the difference, please. Currently I have the Scottish Resistance equipped, if memory serves.
  4. I attribute it to my recent tendency to play classes I don't normally pull out (Heavy, Demoman, Scout) in a deliberate attempt to broaden my skill. But I still have a reputation to uphold, dammit. <.<
  5. Duly noted. Tonight I think I'll be Spying most of the time, though. I need to reclaim the Super Sapper global award. <.<
  6. I'm not convinced that missing pretty much a full clip of meatshots at point blank is simply because I don't play Scout much. Also, when I flank as Spy, I'm usually invisible. Or holding the Dead Ringer, which is just as good if not better sometimes.
  7. Also, if you're calling someone out for teamstacking just because they're glued to Frogg as a Medic, then you may as well call out every damn Medic on the server. Frogg's well known as an excellent Heavy that can protect his Medic, so it's only natural for Medics to respond and give him preferential treatment when it comes time to choose who to pocket with. In unrelated news, Jesus H. Christ I SUCK as Scout.
  8. I didn't really notice the empty space, but I'm easily distracted by the shiny when it comes to new interfaces.
  9. By popular request, I recorded demos of what can only be described as the most hilarious French recipes ever. Dropbox link.
  10. Apologies for necrobump, but I feel this deserves attention. While playing on Dead Air in L4D2 via the addons found here, I encountered a fully functional riot shield melee weapon during the stage 2 crescendo. I don't feel like typing it all out again, so more details and links to pictures can be found on the Steam forum thread here. EDIT: According to a poster there, it was a scrapped weapon from before the game was released. Which still begs the question of why it decided to appear in the first place, but whatever. My apologies.
  11. I told Kamikaze earlier and she refused to believe me, but she does in fact have the most Pyro kills on the server. Proof.
  12. Someone -- can't remember who -- said something to that effect yesterday. It came across as more of a complaint about their team, though. True. I used to have several thousand backstabs; now it's only a few hundred. Our total points, ribbons, and those rankings you get for total kills didn't get reset, but action counters and weapon kills were. It's weird. EDIT: I wouldn't be surprised if this happened with the update that prettified the new Soldier/Demo weapons and stats.
  13. Junction's biggest problem is that it's too damn small. It has gorgeous detailing though. FWIW, I love Gravelpit. I like my Cloak & Dagger camping spot on RED. But this seems interesting. Also nice quad post.
  14. I officially have a vendetta against Ubel and his Level 1 Sentries that my team is incapable of taking out. That is all. </bitter>
  15. I'll keep that in mind if I ever get fed up with the process beyond belief.
  16. Well, it's either that or the command that gives you a bunch of .tga files and a .wav that you need to make into a .avi yourself, which a) requires extra software and eats up a FUCKTON of memory. So I'd rather not go down that route if I can help it.
  17. That's pretty kickass of YouTube. And my monitor is 1920x1200. Now if only I could get the "startmovie moviename avi" command to play nice...
  18. I'd suggest the default TF2 HUD in whatever mode makes it take up less space. It's in the option menu somewhere. But that's me.
  19. In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, imagine the Heavy in a figure skating competition. "GET EN POINTE, STUPID!"
  20. AFAIK, unlike the other class voice actors, the Medic's voice actor is actually a professional, so they keep running into scheduling conflicts. He voiced Travis Touchdown, for instance, so I'm sure he was tied up with No More Heroes 2 until recently.
  21. Once the War Update went live and I got a few kills with the new weapons, they appeared in the list of weapons for my personal stats, but there was no name/picture associated with it. I'd assume the HLStats update merely attached awards and pretty cosmetics to the data that was already there.
  22. I'm mostly disappointed that Chili managed to steal the global backstab award from me. I'll need to get that one back eventually. I don't think I need to worry about losing Diplomatic Immunity anytime soon, though. (Ambassador kills.) EDIT: Well, I assume that the update came with a stat wipe. Or something. Because the numbers are totally mixed up from what I remember. This'll make things easier. >D
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