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  1. Probably because it's a community weapon. Assuming it's not a shoop. Which it might not be, since he wrote the TF2 items page. But why would it appear as him finding it? IDK.
  2. On a completely different subject, if Vector is still in the maplist, you might want to update it to V1. Link.
  3. In that case, I'd have less of a problem with it than I do now. I simply fail to see the point in punishing the player (or more accurately, removing some of their reward) for doing something skillful.
  4. I used backstabs and headshots as the most obvious situations, and I realize they have extra point modifiers added to them, so in retrospect they probably weren't the best examples. Regular kills award 1 point, yes? And the crit/minicrit penalty subtracts a point. AFAIK, headshots and backstabs are the only methods of killing someone that are inherently worth extra points. So if you kill someone with, say, the Axetinguisher, using the puff-and-sting technique, you'd end up gaining 0 net points for a fairly technical maneuver, simply because the reward for such a maneuver was a crit. Um, what? (For the record, I have no problem with this applying to random crits. It's the skill-based ones like the Axetinguisher that I have issues with this applying to.)
  5. But what if it's your skill that got you the crit in the first place? Headshots are crits. Backstabs are crits. The Kritzkrieg and Buff Banner provide a controlled method of buffing your team with crits/minicrits out the wazoo, but you'd be silly to call someone unskilled for properly utilitzing one. (See: Charging a Sentry with a Kritzkrieg...) Jarate debuffs specific enemies and makes them recieve minicrits -- would you call them unearned because the attacking player did nothing different, or earned because the Sniper was smart enough to throw it in the first place? On a nocrit server, these controlled crits still activate. (Except the backstab, for some reason. It reverts to the old pokestab mechanics in this case.) Random crits don't. The distinction is obvious, but AFAIK there's no way to distinguish between the two just by parsing whatever gets parsed for stats. (Server log? IDK.) (The irony here is that I stopped caring about my stats ages ago, but I strongly disagree with this on principle.)
  6. For reference, the following weapons all have ways to force a crit or minicrit: Direct Hit Backburner Flare Gun Axetinguisher Sniper Rifle Huntsman Knife Ambassador And then there's buff/debuff effects: Buff Banner Chargin' Targe KGB Kritzkrieg Jarate So taking into account the number of weapons that grant nonrandom crits, I'm inclined to agree with this. Only the Scout and Engineer lack such weapons, and in the Engineer's case it's only because he hasn't been updated yet.
  7. I noticed, if you count "Ooh, Nucleus, haven't been there in a while" as noticing. It probably helps we haven't had any real downers of a round there yet.
  8. Since I'd rather not let this devolve much further...AHEM! Atmuh can ignore this since he already provided input, but he's also the only one who has so far.
  9. /me would rather not get into an internet debate over whether Valve's new maps are/are not up to par. Really.
  10. Over 2Fort? Very yes. (Doublecross in particular. Whether it turns out to be good or bad, it still has novelty going for it in my book.) Tangent: Doublecross or Double Cross?
  11. So as I mentioned last night after Turbine, I'm planning on entering a mapping contest, the theme of which is "Competitive CTF." My personal issues with motivation and actually finishing any map I've ever conceived aside, my current goal is to make a CTF map that, aside from being playable in a 6v6 format, can be enjoyed in pub servers without devolving into an impenetrable turtlefest and not offer the ability to trap a team in their own base. I know I asked several questions ingame, but something tells me that reiterating them here would be better for the sake of more detail. 1. We all know 2Fort sucks, but apparently Turbine is passable as a CTF map. What part(s) of each map contribute to this? 2. I noticed that all official CTF maps have a main central area, and the team that controls it need not worry about their intel being taken because the enemy would have to go through it first. Is such an area necessary, or would a secondary route that bypasses it entirely be preferable? Why? 3. On reflection, Question 2 seems to boil down to whether intel defense should exist primarily in the intel room proper or wherever the team's forward location is and hope no one gets past. The former can be quite boring for the defenders, while the latter implies the map can be locked down somehow. Again, which is preferable and why? Thanks guys. :3
  12. Someone tell me they got screenshots of me spycrabbing in the Gold Rush skybox. Please.
  13. It gets slightly annoying with Pyro, since it'll go off for each tick of damage dealt by afterburn, too. Not to mention the fact that fire damages via a stream of particles, so using the flamethrower at all makes your ears bleed. I tried modifying the pitch/volume with the new commands, but I couldn't figure out the best way to make it noticeable-yet-subtle. Meh.
  14. I use TF2's built in commands. sv_cheats 1 host_framerate 30 startmovie mymovie.avi avi playdemo demoname *do something else for a few hours while it processes* *better yet, do it overnight* *edit movie and publish*
  15. Wait what. Either your saying my video is choppy now and Fraps would improve it, or you're saying the video's fine and suggesting Fraps to make it choppy in jest. I can't tell.
  16. And for the sequel to my Gold Rush video, I present Harvest - A Wonderful Life. *flees* (I figure it's of interest since, you know, I recorded it on the OCR server.)
  17. So I know I was bitching recently about how I sucked balls for no readily apparent reason, but after an EPIC round on Harvest, I think I'm over that slump for now. Special thanks to that Soldier I backstabbed with full Rage and that Medic who killed me with the Ubersaw taunt.
  18. Welcome to two weeks ago? (Or however long it's been since the update went live.)
  19. Either Powerlord or Fireslash said I had a reserved slot already, but I just tried getting on and it wouldn't let me since it was full. So either I don't have it or everyone else on the server did. I can has?
  20. Remind me to add you to my friends list. Especially for knowing Badwater = Spy heaven. And yeah, Spy is particularly vulnerable to sudden ups and downs, but many of my recent deaths and failures are in situations that I should know how to deal with. (And I'm still adjusting to the new DR, but I'm not going to pin everything on that.) Usually dumb luck, as far as I can tell. And having the misfortune to end up with someone right behind me as soon as I decide the coast is clear. Although if I was teleporting as badly as people told me, that could have something to do with it.
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