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  1. Oh goody, MORE CRATES. I started junking them instantly ages ago.
  2. I'm confused as to what these are addressing.
  3. So...Sombrero's colorblind? </ignorant>
  4. The freaky thing was that my first chance to actually play after the update was when the server was freaking out like that, and I had just added a max_fps line in my configs, so I was terrified that I had fucked up somewhere. Good to know.
  5. How do you get the taunts? I assume they're action items or something, but I could be mistaken.
  6. Yeah, the requirements are kind of silly. 8 Jarate for the Hippocrates bust is hilarious, but don't some of them require shit like 2 Refined? o_o I've crafted the new Knife and that's it so far. Also I got a Crocodile hat by random drop. (If only I played Sniper...and gave two shits about the Crocodile set...)
  7. Are you kidding, those are the most satisfying to own. I keep trying to launch TF2 but the game's unavailable. Probably too many people trying to play at once.
  8. I love how Hydro is one of the maps excluded from the "Run one of these maps" list. And at the same time it makes me really sad, since I believe the TC mode has potential. Meh. I couldn't care less about pregame mayhem or damage spread (I assume that means damage variance, not waffleshots), but nocrit is nice to have IMO. Stops me dying to bullshit crit rocket jumps. (3 times and counting...)
  9. I really hope they're only joking about leaving the Engineer out.
  10. I've been away for the last few days, so I know I'm late to the party here, but OH MY GOD DAT SPY KNIFE. L'Etranger + The Big Earner + Dead Ringer = Godmode? (I wonder what the flower does.) Given how tend to be a Ninja Heavy on the rare occasion I actually play the class, I foresee much hilarity with Tomislav in the future. The Enforcer seems uninspired statwise, and is yet another weapon that has its downside negated by the Dead Ringer. Unless it applies it by increasing the amount of time it takes to arm it, which would be hilarious yet still valid. The Bazaar Bargain has to have some sort of stealth downside otherwise the stats as listed are a direct upgrade over the vanilla Rifle. I must confess that I don't like how the Demoman is getting so many items to encourage the Demoknight playstyle. On the bright side, less Sticky/Grenade spam. My $0.02. (EDIT: Ninja'd by the Scout page. Click the crushed Bonk! can among the new Demoman shields. Or Lyrai's link, whatever.) TRIPLE JUMP WHAT. That is all.
  11. Time to break out the tinfoil hats again methinks.
  12. Wouldn't that be a given if you're offline?
  13. No, my ISP was being shitty as usual and dropped the connection. Seriously, every night around 10 it'll start dropping in and out and doesn't stabilize again for about an hour. I'll be gone for the better part of this weekend, but when I get back I have half a mind to call them and ask WTF is going on.
  15. Unrelated to the update, there's a new blog post about the Asymmetry/Symmetry CP Contest. Some of the entries look pretty good. (Which I guess is to be expected, actually.) Completely unrelated edit: I just realized that after only a week of playing following a month-long absence from the server, I've already reclaimed the global backstab award.
  16. Hmm... Would something like be any better? Probably not now that I think about it. Oh well.
  17. Substitute the Googly Gazer for me. Although the teddy bear is quite adorable. Not that I've actually bought any hats from the store, but you get what I mean.
  18. Sweet, they fixed a DR bug. Now they just need to do it for the Holy Mackerel, Candy Cane, Powerjack, KGB, Frontier Justice, YER, and the Kunai. And I think I forgot a few. Lo-Fi Longwave doesn't sound remotely like a hat, but w/e I guess. (EDIT: Apparently it's a Kritzkast promo.)
  19. I also had some spots of lag tonight, but I couldn't tell if it was the server or the ISP being, well, the ISP. Jovian, I think you mixed up your melee/sentry labels for those binds.
  20. Tinfoil hat squad says they're alluding to Meet the Medic, more precisely the teaser image at the end of the Director comic where a bunch of white birds are flying around.
  21. TF2 update in the Steam News section. Surprised Powerlord hasn't posted it yet. (Watch him ninja me anyway.) (nope.avi) Added the Red Faction promo item The Maul [*]Added upcoming promo items for Magic: The Gathering [*]Added additional community submitted response rules [*]Doubled the item drop rate for the next week [*]Updated the Conjurer's Cowl to be paintable [*]Updated the webapi output to include the names of the drop_type and holiday_restriction fields [*]Updated the localization files Seriously? Magic promos?
  22. Oh, Valve. You and your tendency to leak images of yet-to-be-released content in otherwise innocent contexts. C/D?
  23. Not to mention that it was made well before the Replay Update, which means it's ineligible due to not being made with the replay system.
  24. And I expect my new computer to arrive on the 7th, which means I can spend the day configuring it and start playing in earnest on the 8th, which gives me...2 or 3 days tops to take advantage of it. Still better than the no time at all I got over Christmas. Re: Saxxy Awards, who else voted for the (Edited in a link.)
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