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  1. Hey, I've been listening to Seven Places and 24 Shades at work recently.  Been really enjoying your futuresque style.  Reminds me of Custom Robo and the Robo Factory from Chrono Trigger.  Good stuff. :nicework:

  2. I'm not actually from Utah. I'm living here for the moment. Originally I'm from Ohio. I've started a few remixes, but never actually submitted anything. I really need to change that.

  3. Hey! Hey you! Happy birthday! Thanks for your work on Extra Credits. It's one of the highlights of my week.

  4. No idea. I'm just going to be online.

  5. I actually had to come home for medical stuff too, and served for about the same amount of time.

  6. Yep, English (but I suspect I might end up learning Spanish regardless). I leave at the end of January

  7. Riverside California. :D

  8. Man that sucks! :(

    I am getting my wisdom teeth out here in a few days and after that all my medical paperwork should be done. Then I just need to send it all in and wait.

  9. Definitely! I'm going next semester and then I work for the summer and I should be heading out in August (if all goes well). I'm pumped!

  10. So I know that you didn't want to continue the underpaid amateur debate in Jill's thread, but if you have anything more to say about it, I'd gladly listen in. It definitely caught my interest. :-)

    And bytheway, you make the great musics!

  11. I will be a CS major. Fall semester I have the two freshman CS courses with American Heritage as my freshman bundle. I've heard some bad things about Am. Heritage, was your experience that brutal?

  12. I didn't even realize you were a CS major until just recently. That's what I'll be starting this fall. Well that's pretty awesome!

  13. So wait, you're a CS major?

  14. I'm not at BYU yet, but I'm headed out there this summer. I suppose I'll see you out there! haha

  15. You LDS too? High Five!

  16. For the first year I think I'll be living on campus. After my mission I've got some family I'll hopefully be staying with. Which btw, maybe you can help me out with a few questions about campus life. I'll be sending a PM later.

  17. No, I'm just about to graduate from High School. Fall will be my first semester out there. I suppose this means I won't be seeing you out there for a while.

  18. Headed out there this Fall. I take it you're going on your mission sometime relatively soon?

  19. You a member too? High Five!

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