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  1. Our main people behind it are Chris Totten, Tim MacNeil and Lindsay Grace. try tim.macneil@magfest.org. Sorry for the confusion about this.
  2. Not 100% sure how it works, music licensing is a giant quagmire wherever you go, but the Global Game Jam is supposed to be just a fun side project. I'd e-mail that address to ask for clarifications exactly on what that entails.
  3. Gaylord rooms were sold out for a bit there, but we managed to add a few more. If you need to stay at the gaylord then fucking GO GO GO NOW DO IT http://magfest.org/bookhotel
  4. Not following what you mean about staples of 8/16 bit. What I'm getting at is that the source material is about a minute and a half long, but this mix (and its predacessor) focuses on the first 14 seconds of that source material. Additionally, that 14 seconds is really just 3 or so seconds repeated four times. The rest of the song has great melodies, but they have little focus in this mix. I'm a big fan of those melodies, which is why I do not personally enjoy this mix's approach. This mix is definitely a huge production improvement over his old one, So the remixer deserves mad props for that. It just retains the aforementioned approach that personally turns me off to it.
  5. Very well produced, but repeats the same mistake of remixer's original arrangement that he made some ten years ago. Too much focus is placed on the source material's 14 second intro section, repeating it over and over again, while the actual melody of the source material is left neglected. Edit: Sorry, "mistake" is an objective term that I'm incorrectly using for a personal opinion. Replace that "aspect that I did not personally enjoy".
  6. TAKE COVER! THE BRAZILIANS ARE COMING! http://magfest.org/megadriver-and-onbeinghuman-announcement
  7. WUDDUP BIZATCHES. If you haven't already heard BitGen Gamer Fest is now an official MAGFest event, and this year's BitGen will be August 10th at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. That's the same weekend as Otakon, and the venue is mere blocks from the convention center, so it's very easy to get to. And BOY HOWDY is it a hell of a venue in a much nicer area than past BitGens. We've got a pretty good lineup this year filled with old favorites, and a couple new contenders, the most appropriate to you guys being OverClocked University! Did you know that OCR had a live band? oh.. you did.....? WELL THEY HAVE A DRUMMER NOW. I BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT. Anyway, here's the full band list: Powerglove The Megas Random aka Megaran OverClocked University (New Band!) Rare Candy Those Who Fight X-Hunters Random Battles Knight of the Round (New Band!) Cheap Dinosaurs Super Guitar Bros (New Band!) Tickets are available through the BitGen website, or directly through Rams Head's ticketing system.
  8. Well if you REALLY want something official, here's a little info about our badge tiers this year. People have been begging for ways to give us more money, so we implemented the "kick in extra" feature to help people do that. No longer is "supporter" your only option for donating to the organization and getting yourself some extra swag. You can kick in with smaller increments than before, and every tier includes all the bonuses of every tier below it. The new big feature that we're trying out is a replacement for the super supporter pass, and we call it the Season Supporter. If you kick in to the supporter level, you get admission to all MAGFest events for 2014. This includes M12, bit gen, game over concerts, and magstock. As a special bonus for the debut year of the pass, you'll also get admission to 2013 MAGFest events as well. If you guys do your group reg to save 10 bucks, you also have the option of allowing individual group members to kick in to upgrade their badge.
  9. I was GOING to hop in this thread and answer questions, but you people already know everything about the event, so now I'm completely useless.
  10. The university of maryland gamer symphony orchestra is hosting two interesting things this weekend: Friday May 3rd: A talk by Austin Wintory, who was grammy-nominated for his composition of Journey. http://...studenteventfinder.com/....php?e=438895529534615 Saturday May 4th: The GSO's spring concert. http://umd.gamersymphony.org/new/events.php I'm planning to be at both.
  11. Now's your chance to submit your application to be a musical performer at MAGFest 12! If you know a band you think should play, tell them to submit their info, too! http://magfest.org/m12musicapps
  12. Tickets are sold out, and won't be available at the door But you can still watch for free online at http://www.twitch.tv/magfest
  13. Just a reminder that this is saturday, and if you're planning on going, you should probably buy your tickets online since we will most likely sell out at the door.
  14. Heads up that due to overwhelming response, we've had to cap attendance and tickets will probably sell out. You should buy yours online sooner than later. http://www.missiontix.com/events/product/16704/magfest-presents-game-over-baltimore-w-random-battles-krieger-and-rare-candy
  15. Stop number 2 on MAGFest touring Game Over concert series is in Baltimore. HUZZAH. What? Video game bands, consoles, and arcades When? March 16, 8PM Where? Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD Who? Rare Candy, Random Battles, Krieger, Inverse Phase $$$$$? 10 online or at the door Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/156216744535054/
  16. MAGFest has a lot of expansion plans going on, including the acquisition of Bit Gen Gamer Fest, a future possibility of MAGWest, and in the immediate future, a brand new concert series called Game Over. MAGFest Presents: Game Over is a little miniature touring MAGFest, featuring video game bands, arcades, and other games. The first of these shows will be in Austin, TX on February 3rd, and feature Megaran, Urizen, Descendants of Erdrick, Lords of Thunder, and Doctor Awkward. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/446876298714279/ Ticket sales ($10): http://transmission.frontgatetickets.com/choose.php?a=1&lid=77016&eid=86875
  17. First round of second stage bands in today's music wednesday: http://magfest.org/stage2announcement1 Features a live ocremix band!
  18. MAGFest DJ lineup announcement: http://magfest.org/djannouncement Yuzo Koshiro (of course), dj cutman, benjamin briggs, and blind.
  19. Powerglove, Metroid Metal, and The OneUps have been announced. http://magfest.org/augustbandannouncement
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