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  1. OMG it has been too long since a Nase remix! One of my favorite OCReMixers with too few remixes; I hope he submits more! Loving the sound on this one!
  2. Just wanted to note that the first half of the quote from the submission is taken directly from the Wikipedia page for FFMQ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Mystic_Quest That doesn't take away from the good remix though
  3. DDRKirby(ISQ) is VERY quickly becoming my favorite new electronic artist. You gotta love how detailed and varied this song stays. The synth definitely reminds me of Lullaby of Flame. Great job!
  4. I don't know how this is only the second Rainbow Road OC ReMix, but it sure is a good one
  5. PirateCrab debuts on International Talk Like A Pirate Day. COINCIDENCE???
  6. Hi Tuberz McGee,

    I'm the manager of the online radio station Chiptune, part of the non-profit Rainwave.cc network, which also hosts OverClocked ReMix Radio. The Chiptune radio station hosts both chiptune original soundtracks as well as original songs from indie chiptune arrangers like you. We already host Nullsleep, Alex Mauer, virt, Random, RushJet1, and Bit Shifter as a few of our artists. I'd like to ask your permission to add your album Certainty to our playlist. No songs will be available for download from our site. However, every time one of your songs plays it will have a link leading to your website so listeners can download the album from your site. The link to our website is: http://chiptune.rainwave.cc/


    Tom Helmuth

  7. This has been one of my favorite tracks since it appeared on Return All Robots. Glad to see it finally posted here, it's excellent!
  8. This is a great mix! It's headed straight for my favorites playlist
  9. I was really impressed with this track! Epic guitar, solo piano, and choirs all in one piece that doesn't sound mashed together. Definitely one of my favorites from the album!
  10. This is indeed very catchy. I expect it will be stuck in my head the rest of the day. This is a fun mix to listen to!
  11. I'm really liking this one! The soundscape here is marvelous, and the hints at melody are great. The hole thing feels very watery, which is great for a water stage theme!
  12. This remix is about 2491 remixes later than it should have been. This soundtrack is fantastic, and justice has been served. Well done!
  13. This is great stuff. The vocals seem so natural here, it's like the original was composed with them in mind. I for one am happy to hear more lyrical tracks on OCR!
  14. Favorite remix of 2012 so far! And the great thing is, it still might be 360 days later
  15. Umm, drool. This piece is gorgeous. And the sound quality is spot on - I feel like I'm standing right next to the piano!
  16. Sir Jordanius for new OCR Remixer Of The Year! Another top-notch remix!
  17. Wow. I was completely surprised and completely blown away. This was awesome to hear on OCR, and it made me dance.
  18. After listening to every single OC ReMix and conducting a double elimination tournament of my favorite 128 ReMixes, I have decided that this is my absolute favorite on this site. This mix is chaotic and awesome and makes me want to turn up the volume and dance every time I hear it. I can't exactly explain it, but this mix rocks.
  19. This is awesome. It totally feels like you're playing for yourself only, without a care for what others think of it, which makes it all the better. Well done!
  20. As usual AeroZ brings the good stuff. I think by the end of this song my heart was synced with the bass. This mix is sick.
  21. I'm glad this track was included on The Missingno Tracks! Always been one of my favorites!
  22. 100% yes. I've been waiting so long for such an awesome Monkey Island ReMix, and now I have 2 on the same day!
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