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  1. Would you recommend using amp modelling software instead of a real amp plugged into an interface? I've noticed guitar rig sounds louder and clearer. If i use my amp i have to turn up to the point where i'm getting too much noise, i'm probably doing something wrong though.

  2. Hi Cain, i have a few questions about your guitar recordings. How many layers do you tend to use for both rhythm and lead parts? And how would you generally EQ your tracks, again for both rhythm and melody? I'm trying to write some Floyd and "Beneath the Canopy" inspired music and i really want to get the best out of my guitar sound. Are there any useful tips you could give me when it comes to setting up tone on my amp? I appreciate any info you could give :)

  3. Nevermind it's sorted

  4. You could make a fantastic remix of this. Sounds right up your street :)

  5. I fucking love you!

  6. Yeah that worked thanks. I still can't get my audio levels right though. My guitar sound doesn't stand out compared to the midi instruments, and i can't seem to find a decent level that keeps the instruments loud and sounding good. Are there any guidelines that you could give me about setting levels? Also the only way i can get sound out of both sides of my headphones is if i pan the guitar channel abotu 90 degrees to the right. Is that the right thing to do?

  7. Kudos on Battle For The Badge. I can't stop listening to it :)

  8. Ok update, i realised i had the preamp-computer control turned all the way to preamp so i wasn't getting any sound from the computer /facepalm. I get the computer sound through both sides of my headphones but still get the guitar only from the left side. Also there is still some sound coming from my laptop speakers, mainly heavy crackling. I've set the input and output on the master FL mixer to the USB Codec, so why am i getting this sound from my laptop? :S

  9. Also another problem, i want to play along with the beat i've pre written but my guitar sound is coming out of my headphones and my beat is coming out of my laptop speakers :S How do i get all the sound to go through the headphones? My headphones are plugged into the pre-amp, not my laptop.

  10. Ok that worked thanks. I'm only getting sound out of the left side of my headphones though. I discovered it's because i'm plugged into the left input, but is there any way i can get sound out of both sides?

  11. The way i've set it up is my guitar is connected to my amp, then i have a lead coming from the headphone output in the amp and going into the interface. Then the interface is connected to the laptop by the USB, and i've plugged my headphones into the back of the interface. Is that correct?

  12. Hey my ART USB Pre arrived today but i'm having trouble gettting sound out of it in FL Studio. In my sound device manager i selected the USB audio codec and it shows that it's picking up sound from my guitar. In FL I go to the Audio Settings and select Speakers ( USB Audio Codec) but i'm not getting any sound. It's probably some stupid thing i'm overlooking because i don't really know anything about this haha. Any ideas?

  13. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Not been online in a while. Nah unfortunately i didn't download any of his music, only watched them on youtube. It's a shame he's gone, his videos were amazing.

  14. How long have you been playing guitar?

  15. *sigh* Can you move this to Community please. So sorry about this lol


  16. Hey i put this thread in the wrong forum. Can you move it please. Thx.


  17. It wasn't too bad here actually. More ice than snow. My car was sliding all over the place lol.

  18. Haha nice, i'm in Dundee

  19. Hey man, what part of Scotland are you from?

  20. You're remixes are incredible. Wicked Six is the best Castlevania remix i've heard, in fact listening to it made me want to play the original game for the first time. Damn that's a hard game btw! What software do you use? You're mixes are defo my style of music. More Sonic please ;D

  21. Hey, kudos on your Sonic Metamorphic. That remix was badass and one of my favs!

  22. Hey there. I'm new here and was wondering how i can get a profile picture? Also is there any way to get a bigger avatar and upload my own?

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