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  1. You could perhaps class his later work with Arnie Roth as being in the realms of classical music.
  2. http://halloffame2012.classicfm.co.uk/individual/?position=16 I'm not sure how many people have been following this, but I thought I'd post it in here anyway. This is awesome news in my opinion. Not only has it further promoted Mr. Uematsu's work, but it may prove to be a very important step up of his music being recognised within the popular classical music scene in times to come. I know very well of Classic FM's often dogmatic and purist view of classical music, so this entry may very well change things up a bit!
  3. Hey, C&C! Thanks! I recently purchased some new monitors so I intend to give this a damn good mix on them very soon, and will get an update posted... eventually
  4. Sorry this is so latecoming! Thank you very much for the feedback! I haven't touched this remix in a couple weeks; I intentionally wanted to let it ferment and let my mind/ears rest for a while, but now coming back I can see this is still very weak. Both of your bits of feedback are very useful, so thank you very much. I will restart work on it very shortly.
  5. Thanks a LOT for the detailed feedback! Very much appreciated. I will work more on this over the next few days with your criticism in mind, and maybe post up an update. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys. I was wondering if some of you would be kind enough to give my WIP remix of 'Auriel's Ascension' (with parts of 'Reign Of The Septims') by Jeremy Soule a listen and offer some critical feedback. It is currently unmastered and the mix may need a bit of work, but thus far I think that's all that's outstanding, but I gladly welcome feedback for anything. Thanks. [Direct Link]
  7. ^Don't worry, they said they'll be coming back next year for a 25th Anniversary gig!
  8. I was there! Holy moly that was an amazing night. O_O
  9. Hey guys. So my band just released their first EP. Just a little something for people while we work on the album. I'd love to know what you guys think. Cheers, guys. Personnel: Ben Steed / Caspar Byron - Programming, keys, guitars, bass, vocals. Rob Gilbank / Aegis Mutton - Programming, keys, guitars, bass, vocals. http://thewetglassro.bandcamp.com/album/the-wet-glass-ro-e-p
  10. Ugh. I searched as well. Obviously I didn't search enough. My bad.
  11. I don't know about you, but I love music. Like, a lot. And I generally find that a lot of the best music is free. This isn't in every case, but for some at least. So this thread is for people to share free album/EP/single downloads for others to hear. To start this thread off, here's an album that I'm in love with and have been for a while. Check it out. http://robgilbank.bandcamp.com/ And others here. http://vlantis.bandcamp.com/ Now, share away!
  12. Thank you very much!! I'm glad you're feeling it. Yeah the vocals are all mine, but the drums are sample kits. But the whole album is a mix of samples and live. Glad you like it, mate! Thank you.
  13. I've wanted to do this for quite some time now. Hopefully I can get round to doing it soon. Will let you know.
  14. This album has shaped my musical path as I know it. It was such a huge influence on me when I first heard it. I regard it as one of my favourite albums of all time.
  15. Hey guys. I don't post in here all that often but I'm gonna start posting a lot more now. I figured I'd just post my début album here if anybody's interested in listening to it. Alt-rock/electronica/steampunk kinda stuff. Would love to know what you guys think. Thanks! http://bensteed.bandcamp.com/
  16. I finally found your forum profile on here! :P

  17. Interesting... I may see what I can come up with sometime... Not so sure about the name, though.
  18. Anything by this guy. http://ocremix.org/artist/4721/pot-hocket Absolutely beautiful renditions.
  19. Oh all the time. To counter-act it I sit in Zazen, or just go into a trance-like state with my singing bowls. It helps me a lot to relax and clears my mind, helping me to find more inspiration.
  20. I gotta admit.. While they are good efforts, they do sound more like covers than remixes..
  21. Hey all, I'm in need of some feedback on this track... I got on a role when I did this simple melody and can up with this end result, but I dunno, I still feel it needs a lot of work... I'm aware the production is awful by the way... If anyone can find the time to listen and give a little bit of feedback I'd be much appreciative. It's probably terrible so do bring it to my attention if that's the case. http://soundcloud.com/bensteed/ben-steed-parisian-sorrow
  22. The amount of nostalgia I felt when I heard this remix for the first time was incredible. A beautiful version.
  23. I'm a big fan/user of it. I spend my time on it at a Buddhist retreat Zendo. Much easier than finding one near where I live, and the people are so welcoming. They also have real Buddhist teachers coming onto it to give Dharma talks. I loves it. Yeah I'm a nerd.
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