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  1. This has got to be the quickest growing thread ever. I'm counting hundreds of new fans already (and deservedly so)
  2. Hey thanks so much for the offers guys, but I kinda approached docnano about this already, and he's done a really good job on it, so yeah >< If you're interested you can listen to it at http://tindeck.com/listen/bmge haha, but I really appreciate the offers
  3. HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING. I am absolutely in awe of your talent, seriously, I thought your Dancing Leaves remix was the best thing I ever heard on OCR, but now this pops out. Just, wow.
  4. So I decided to record a piano improvisation I did, wonder if anyone would be willing to take a listen and comment on it? It's pure spontaneity so there are some parts which may sound a little odd (+ I get nervous when recording haha), so yeah, forgive those parts
  5. Umm it's probably because my ears have been conditioned to hearing this so much that I've gotten used to whatever weird-sounding chord i used, but there doesn't seem to be anything particularly jarring to me whoops D: Could anyone care to shed some light on the wrong bits please?
  6. Yeah I know this sounds horribly sequenced, which is why I'm hoping somebody will be willing to help out by performing this (so I won't have to tediously humanise the whole thing haha). Hmm could you elaborate a little on the questionable chords bit though?
  7. Finally done with this! Could you guys care to take a look and comment? Also, I'd really appreciate it if anyone were to be willing to help me record this live, so if you think it sounds decent and don't mind sparing the time to do so, please contact me yeah?
  8. Yeap this is still a work in progress so the arrangement isn't complete yet, and I do agree the piano sound is horrible, I'm just kinda looking to see what people think of the arrangement thus far And the transition between the parts is definitely awkward because for one the timbre of piano soundfont I'm using varies greatly according to velocity and sounds totally different loud and soft. Hopefully a live recording would solve the problem though (speaking of which, would anybody be interested in helping to record this once it's done? Haven't had time to continue the arrangement these few days, but I'll see if I can get a bit more done over the next couple yeap.
  9. Whoops sorry can't believe I forgot that. I'll add this to the first post as well, thanks! Any comments from anyone though? The Moon: Wind Scene:
  10. Okay so I know there's already a piano remix of The Moon floating around in this same subforum, and it was in fact listening to that mix that reminded me how beautiful the theme could sound in a relaxing/ambient mood and inspired me to do own of my own. I'm not trying to compare this with the other remix or anything, it's my own take on the piece (and the B theme from Wind Scene just happened to seem to fit in). I amended the Wind Scene A Theme to fit in with the chords of the Moon, so hopefully it sounds like a cohesive piece rather than being messily medley-ish. The piano is obviously sequenced so the tempo/velocity changes are few and mechanical between, I'm hoping someone can help me out and play this live, so if anybody's willing to please do contact me yeah? Anyway, comments if you will? Final Version! (I'm thinking of the title "Ebbed tides and webbed feet", or is that too lame? Sources: The Moon: Wind Scene:
  11. Firstly, wow. Secondly, wow. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of impressionist music but this was beautiful, and it really did make me think of leaves in the wind (as I assume you intended to by your title). Really loved the pentatonic sections throughout btw. As for source usage, I personally think it's sufficient, and I can hear the source and its influence quite clearly throughout. And like many others, I can only dream of writing music anywhere close to this. Whoops looks like this post offers no constructive comments, because frankly I'm in no position to critique this in any way. Great job, really. Oh and if you already have it written out, would you mind sharing the sheet music for this? I'd very much rather look at this piece than most things by Debussy Ravel etc.
  12. Just wanted to post something I composed over the last few days, it's a short 2min+ piece, was wondering if anyone could care to comment on it? Here's the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMWiZODG1Ug
  13. Okay this politeness is getting awkward hahaha. The mix is done, it's awesome, thanks to both of us. There
  14. Haha I've said this a million times already, but thanks so much, I really didn't expect you to be able to come up with all this within a couple of days I'll probably wait for a couple of comments more before submitting this though, although it sounds fine on my speakers to me
  15. Well it would hardly have materialised without you playing it. Haha I just stumbled upon your youtube and saw all your split screen videos, so I guess the multitrack stuff does work (I personally find it hard to synchronise it properly though, but that's probably just me haha). Haha basically all the stuff that gets posted to the main site is user submitted, and it goes through evaluation by the judges so as to, well, judge whether it's good enough to actually get posted.
  16. Haha I think the former's a better option (if you don't mind the work, sorry about that!), recording hands separately on piano seems to me rather a strange process yeah. This was intended to be a piano solo, so let's leave it that way shall we, I think it sounds great as well haha. I'm useless at the processing part so I'll leave that to you I assume you'll want to submit this to OCR once it's done?
  17. Wow you're amazingly fast and efficient. And the playing sounds great as well! Thanks so much, really, this does sound awesome haha. I really like your changes, especially the pathetique sonata bass and the jazzing up of some bits, so feel free to make any more you want to. Haha sorry about the impractical bits and the lower thirds (the piano vst I used hardly had any bass so I think it sounded a little empty without those chords haha. But with a real piano, that's another story )
  18. The beginning bass notes indicating the chords sound a bit stale, especially with the repeating hi hats in the background (which get really repetitive over time actually), but the jazz chords coming in are really good and typically-jazzy. If the beginning solo bass notes were meant to provide atmosphere, I don't think it's really necessary, since the piano chords + bass together accessorise the vibe melody enough. K I'm not sure how much sense I'm making here D: The vibes coming in really break through the mix and stand out, so that's quite good I think! Although I think it could play some chords at times rather than just single notes with the occasional grace note. If by bass you mean an acoustic bass in addition to what you have now, I think the bass in here is very audible already, so it seems fine as it is to me! Looking forward to hearing more of this
  19. I really like the beginning, the rhythmic beats with kinda-a-pitch-but-not-really-but-i-can-still-tell-theyre-falling gave me a sense of down the rabbit hole into a world of mystery (lost woods maybe?), although a bit more of atmosphere would have been nice. The arpeggios in the beginning were nice and fullbodied imo, but the mix kinda seems to empty out a little too abruptly for my liking as the melody enters, but then again I haven't listened to much trance, so forgive me if it's a trance-y technique haha. I actually beg to differ about the high=weird point, it sounds like perfectly natural instrumentation for this source to me actually. Maybe it's just me though. It's not going to be something you blast to make the walls vibrate, but it's something catchy that you hear rather than you feel, so I don't mind the lack of bass throughout the song. It's something more personal though, so it's entirely up to you! Arrangement wise it may be a little too conservative (?), I'm not very sure, since the melody is pretty much copied wholesale, and no real melodic expansion even though the chords are repeated with the arpeggios and all. It could be longer though!
  20. Yeap I've realised my original proclamation of it being baroque was totally off haha. I've sent you a pm with the midi, and I'd really appreciate it if you could help me record the piece yeah And wow the 4hrs+ daily is really dedicated, my half an hour of random banging on the piano each day pales in comparison haha whoops. Oh and really minor update to what should be the final version, changed it to mod review (wrt arrangement) as well yeap.
  21. Finally got around to completing this, but I think the ending sounds pretty terrible compared to the beginning =/ Shows how much better 2 hours of inspiration is compared to a week of hacking uninspiredly at it. But yeah, comments on arrangements please? I know production/humanisation is non-existent still (whoops), but if anybody'd like to play this just let me know kay Oh, and I incorporated a little of the SNES soundtrack as well, if it matters haha.
  22. Hey thanks for the replies, but I've actually already sent the remix in (whoops) =/ Ohwell, the most it'll probably get is a resub, so I'll work on those changes and fix them after that, thanks! I honestly had no idea about the dynamic crossfade stuff so thanks for that, I'm definitely going to try them out as soon as I can! As for the mix, it's not compressed at all actually, and I've no idea why it starts out so soft at the start even when i throw instruments into that mini-crescendo. But I left it because I thought it gave the later bits a little more impact in terms of climax? (Well I doubt that worked very well haha) Mm definitely agree about the cymbals, I liked the cymbal roll sound and just went a little overexuberant on it haha whoops
  23. Haha I know the the piano sounds terrible, so I'm either going to record it or find someone to do that once I'm done, but I'm more of looking for comments on the arrangement actually, like whether the style is consistent or it sounds like random 4 bar phrases strung together incoherently. Glad you liked it though!
  24. EDIT: Thanks gintokipianist for playing this! Comments please? Source: And a little bit of the SNES version Here's a solo piano remix of Jungle Jitters from the GBA version of DKC3. I've honestly no idea what genre it should fall under -- I'd like to think it's somewhere between jazz and baroque [EDIT: okay it's definitely not baroque haha] (which is a pretty wide range actually), except that I've hardly listened or written either jazz or baroque, so I'm hardly a very good judge. Comments on the arrangement so far please Like whether it seems too far from the source, or if it just sounds plain bad or schizophrenic at parts? Sound is just fed through the Tascam CV piano, although it's hardly continuous velocity because they're all set to 100, so I know it sounds mechanical because well, it is. [EDIT: Well since it's played live now, the sound should be pretty much better haha] Yeap thanks
  25. At risk of sounding heretical, this reminds me of MapleStory, with the drumset + woodwind combination and all. And as strange as it sounds, MapleStory is one of the games which induces the most nostalgia in me. So it's actually a really good thing. It's some kind of contradiction in me, but this arrangement was so uplifting to the extent of almost moving me to tears. I've no idea how to explain it, I don't want to try to explain it, I just want to sit back and listen while I revel in catharsis. So I just wanted to say, great job, absolutely amazing arrangement.
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