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  1. Seriously, how did it take so long for this to happen? It's 21 years overdue. Also, awesome.
  2. I have many love for music man! I say Koochie-Koochie too! Also, the contest thing.
  3. Om, nom, nom ... crunchy! In a good way. (Yeah, I've been hanging out at TASVideos too much.) Oh, and as I'm sure you'll hear sooner or later: As with all good sword-and-sorcery scenarios, "Langrisser" (lit. "lung-ripper") is the name of a legendary sword within the game world, in this case one of two that carry the power of the gods. I believe that particular aspect (sword name = game title) actually carried over when they localized the first game as Warsong -- unfortunately the game's manual is currently too far away to check.
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