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    Hi! Me name's Sandwich S. Sandwicheadman. The S. stands for Sandwich. It get's the point acrost. You can call me Sandie.

    I'd consider myself a hobiest. I've always been a big fan of you guys, and just started to toy around with doing this meself. I like singing, but have no training, so I wouldn't hit this shit up unless you were very desprate. I'm told I'm funny. Nice to meet you guys.
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    No one wants to hire me. Sad face.
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  1. I like this track, it has a cool vibe to it, and the synths do add something to it. I was a bit disappointed though; The original track has some fantastic drumming, especially that intro. I was hoping to hear something in that vein, it could have given some extra punch to the end of the track. However, the track itself is one of the better ones on the album, and I salute ya.
  2. I've got to say that this is the only name that jumps out at me as catchy. Maybe "Not Kidding Around" or something like "Double Dipped Dixie" or "Poofer Twofer" if you're still going scatological on me here. No, wait, I've got it! "Kong in Conc3rt: Concert Harder".
  3. Well, more like two hours, twenty minuets, if working on east coast.
  4. Actually, I'm looking forward to the vocal tracks, just to see if they can be done right. So far, the only track in OC Remix history that managed to get the vocals right was Injury's wonderful "Permutation".
  5. Well, it's not exactly a negative review. He seems to only dislike Taucer's track.
  6. I personally think it looks wonderful, and that you should not change it too drastically.
  7. Honestly, with all of the talent drained into this album, I'd be disappointed with anything less.
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