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  1. Wow, I... don't know what else to say. It's creative, emotional and well balanced. It's too bad some people are quick to think they are being judged by their ethnicity or gender. Tamimi has talent that he should cerainly develope further.
  2. I'm a fane of classical music very much so and this fit my mood and mindset very well right now (being have-cut on the evening before a weekend off having nothing to do with it at all of course...), made my day. Thank you friend!
  3. Very funky and listenable mix of A-Type, first tetris mix I've actualy grabbed and added to regular listing, nicely done!
  4. This is going to be one of those tracks that I put on my "Time to crash" list. I'm not sure I could properly distinguish between what would actualy be considered a 'sample' (whatever that is, I'm no compositional expert) but that's beside the point. I felt very strong emotion from this mix and was very pleased with it's fluidity. BTW, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fits this very well.
  5. I love orchestral music and particularily organs. I once took lessons myself, never went very far though, oh well. As for torticoli's post previous, I fear that if ever their truely was a God he left after discovering the OBINATION that is Humanity. The omnipotent beings here are clearly Derek and Jeremy.
  6. SAWEET mix friend! I know it's kind of cliche to say this'll be in my playlist for along time but it's so true! Very well done!
  7. I had a firnd once who starting getting into making his own techno. One of his creations was called 'Funkalicious' but I think this track suits that title even better... not to so your title wasn't just good, don't get me wrong, I just wanted to express myself. DON'T JUDGE ME 'CAUSE I'M DIFFERENT! P.S. Thanks for the great 'mix!
  8. Hi everyone! To clear any confusion of my post title my REAL first post was a remix review and I only just found this thread. Henceforth, I fealt I should introduce myself properly here. I have been listening, DLing, and silently reviewing mixs for almost a half-year now and came across a track that I could not be silent about. Can't remember the title but it was mixed by Sixto and Theory from Romancing Saga. Great rock mix. Anywho, my title is FallenOne (yes, it hurt) but my friends just call me Fallen, no joke either. It's a pleasure to meet you and I am hoping for many more months of great listening and deeper involvment in the site. P.S. Happy new year and such!
  9. Greetings and salutations! Anywho, O M G! I l,ove this mix! I've been visiting OC Remix for a few months now but never felt the urge to post. Untill I heard this. This track blew me away, unfortunately I've never played the game before. After listening to this ONE TIME I had to register and post. BTW, thanks to OCR and everyone else for all the amazing music. Keep it up Sixto and Theory!
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