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  1. I've always loved this mix. It rates among the ultimate chill out songs, just a great song to blast late and night, and just sit back, and start floating in space. Amazing job discodan, All of your stuff is great, but this is undoubtly your masterpiece
  2. Certaintly a good first mix, it has some n00bish innocence and just something cool about it. I'll give it a 4/5, far from perfect, yet it somehow just works well. Nice job
  3. A good fun remix, but is anyone else as irratated by that white noise in the backround which sounds like something vibrating?
  4. A truly beautful and deep piece, dispite the truly abysmal recording. Is it just me, or does the terrible clipping in the recording almost add some emotion to it?
  5. Wow, quite a nice remix discodan. I've always been a big fan of your stuff, and this is no execption. Well recorded, versatatle, and just a overall great remix. I still have your flameman remix on my everyday listening list.
  6. Yeah, the monkies do fit in suspiciously well, just blending in with the near tribal feel of the strings. Still, even without the monkies, this is a cool remix. Nice standard fare techno, nothing wrong with that.
  7. Damn you cyborg jeff, another great remix made from this game, you're going to make me take some more time that i should be doing homework, and checking out what's inspiring you. Really, this is a textbook example of what makes a good remix. Smooth, acually has a melody, and yet, so much more at the same time. Great job
  8. I agree about the drums being slightly off balanced, but overall, as a general, upbeat remix, this one works on quite a few levels. Almost had me dancing in my chair
  9. The reverb is quite irratating and fatuging, but otherwise, it's another cool, fun dale remix. GJ mate Gotta love the voice sample though
  10. Yes, the drums do have a strange forwardmess to them. Regardless, it doesn't hurt this great piece much. I was randomly going through my collection yesterday, and apperantly, let a diamond in the rough slip by my eyes. Great job, deim0s
  11. I think the concept is a fairly good one, however, i don't feel that the synergy between the different samples is very good. The weird synth that starts off the song is overpowering. Also, i do agree that it certaintly needs more drum work to it, it just sounds too weak
  12. I like the style of the remix, but ultimately, i have to agree with discodan. It's just so raw, and gritty, far too much for me to ever put it on my everyday playlist. Not terrible, just not what i dig
  13. Very nice, dispite the unexplainably bizzare intro. Really, just listen to the 20 seconds, you're missing a real gem. Of course, if FFDJ could send me a wav file...
  14. Wow, what to say... That is certaintly one of the best remixes i've ever heard on this site, and i've been here since the good olde days. I've got a few minor complaints, like it gets a bit muddy in the early 3:00's, but other than that minor complaint, a beautful arrangement of a already great piece. Incredable job
  15. A pretty cool remix, while the voice samples sound strange to say the least, overall, the funkyness of this song just holds it together. IMO, a world better than wintermute's first submission. Good job
  16. Wow, very sleek and stylish. While, IMO, Starla is hardly a great voice talent (Who am i to talk though, i couldn't sing if my life depended on it), But, still, i love this remix. There's just something velvet smooth about it... Goes down like a good drink
  17. Wow, what to say about this piece... Sure, it's not the greatest piece i've ever heard on any level, and yet, there's something undeniably musical (If that term is understood here) about it... It's strangely addictive... nice job potshot
  18. Nice job DJP. While, even from your first remixes, you showed that you had talent, just recently, i think you've made some truly great remixes, most notiably, love hurts. While, IMO, this isn't quite as good as that, it still manages to be quite good. Really, where would OCR be without DJP? I'm not trying to short change all the great remixers on this site, far too many to name, but really, DJP is just really great at what he does. I personally think it's the detail he pays to his samples personally, but i'm curious what some other people think. Now, back into wearing in these beyer 931's, to melt away their vice-grip
  19. I really like this remix. I'm a big fan of expermental stuff, and this hit the nail on the head pretty well. Great job
  20. Yeah, this is one of the few mixes that i've gotten off of the WIP boards that i really liked. I've been waiting for awhile for this to be finished, and now that it has, i'm glad to say that another great OCR has been submitted. Great job!
  21. Man, i swear to god, DJP must be deaf if he doesn't like this remix It has a nice feel unique feel to it, but yet, at the exact same time, it clearly sounds like a DJP creation. Not the best remix on the side, but regardless, it's still pretty damn good. Great job DJP. Now if we could get OCR in .ape it would make my day...
  22. Yeah, i don't like the cut off ending much either, but regardless, it's a fine remix. Smooth and relaxing
  23. I really like this remix. The warmth of the cellos (MP3 sucks though, i want wav!), the entire mood of the piece, the combination of the electronic sounds, like the "love hurts" piano, to the acoustic gutiar, the entire piece just flows so well. IMO, DJP's best work yet, and an amazing OCR.
  24. The song itself isn't bad. but that sample has a crystal-like sharpness to it... all i can say is ouch
  25. Oh god, i cringe at the thought of this remix being bogged down with lots of voice samples. It's hardly epic, or a truly beautful piece of music, but it's a good , if not somewhat repetitive techno piece. Nice remix from the n00b
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