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  1. Yo i love that those drums, the sidechain has just the perfect amount of release making that kick stand out, which is awesome. 


    Beat changes are nice, the swing to the drums gives this a more classic feel, and the instrumentation works so well together, nothing sticks out in a bad way, the whole song just feels so "natural". You would stand out as a hip hop producer if you ever wanted to go that route

  2. I really dig the snare. Compressed very well. Im in the 80's i think

    Yah this def sounds like MMX but like a more modern version of those songs. So catchy. Im really digging the drum breakdown half way through the song. Just cool sounds in general, and the reverb meshes everything together in a very ethereal way. Great writing on lead solos. Would probably be fun to work out to.

    Def downloading

  3. just a bump, when i get back computer back from shop ill probably be finishing this up first thing. kinda wanna get it out the way. any ideas are helpful. i turned down the plucky instrument in a newer version but can't access it atm. 


    EDIT: oh yah, I don't need a review on source usage. I mean it's pretty much all there note by note, same tempo. Didn't actually modify the song itself, just arranged it in a different way and threw vocals on top of it. All vocal melody lines are original. And the first chorus with chiptune is a completely original section. 

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