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  1. Final Fantasy IV 'Ground Up' One thing I must mention about his mix, not that it has any bearing on the remixer’s skill, but with the new WinAmp 2.80 Crossfading DirectSound Support it loops perfectly. Not that you people care, because I’m sure most people don’t listen to 1 of these songs twice, but it just sounded cool when I heard it loop. Other then that, all I can say is it’s your run of the mill techno song, nothing too special, but I can’t find anything wrong with it either. It is defiantly good for an easy listen, and maybe even a repeat listen. Come on, I know you want to.
  2. Street Fighter II 'Spicy Curry' I love ethnic cultural sounds, especially when successfully mixed with instruments that have electronic feel to them. This mix pleases me into a state of contentment, and then beyond right into a state of excitement. The vocal stabs are amazing, and the drum rhythms so complex and involving I can barely keep track of it. This mix is so involved it’s like you find something new in it every time you listen to it. *Bows before the Pretzel.* Feed my soul more of this mouth watering, perfectly spiced delicacy.
  3. Shinobi 'Ninja Strut' Certainly not a combination of instruments I’d be expecting to hear. The drums (which I’m not fond of) don’t seem to fit with the lead instruments (which intrigue me.) It sounds well arranged to me, but I just can’t say I care for the drums backing that sort of sound. Also, one question, who the heck is The Sheriff?
  4. Mega Man 3 'Registration 4' There’s a quiet static sound following the background in this mix that sounds like it’s really not supposed to be there, and it just feels like it requires more to it then just organ and drums. I'll say that this is very nice organ music though, and if I were to hear it in a department store I certainly wouldn't complain. Might even dance.... if I could.
  5. Resident Evil 2 'Lost Sanctuary' This is smooth, very smooth. Not a lot of instruments here, but a very clean mix. Not sure if it belongs in a Jazz mix, but I like the sitar. Of course, I’m not sure if I’d classify this as Jazz at all, but then I’m no master of genre’s and saying which song belongs where. This is a nice collaboration, although maybe a tad long considering the amount of movement in the tune.
  6. Rygar 'Caverns of Sagila' This remix really experiments with new sounds and a lot of distortion. It’s always good to here a song that somebody made who has the guts to play with something different, and then succeeds at making it sound really excellent. While the distortion on the bass sounds a little heavy to me at some points, this whole mix is really well arranged and makes my ears ache for more like this. You hear that Mr. Praslowicz? More!
  7. Final Fantasy 'A Temple of Chaos' This is one where I must complain, the climax comes way to early, the fade out is way too long, and finally the song is way too short. For such a lovely piece, I was expecting a whole lot more. Besides that its masterful instrumental work with lots of feeling. Excellent work Kaijin, but just make it longer, then my review won’t have to be so short.
  8. Super Mario Bros. '8-bit Eighties' Almost all of these mixes that I've been and will be reviewing, I've heard before (and then lost due to hard drive formatting), but this is one of the few that really sticks in my mind because it’s so memorable. Injury (a. k. a. Starla) gives this mix some very interesting lyrics that I can’t seem to forget. Just maybe it’s because of that take on Toni Basil’s song titled `Oh Mickey`. Anyways, grab this one regardless of whether you like 80’s music, or Super Mario Bros. It’s worth the time travel trip either way.
  9. 'Sonic 3D Blast (SAT) 'Symphonic Ruin' This starts off with just a nice ambient drizzle and rumble which sets a very somber mood and continues through out the song. I like how this one plays the lead instrument for a few moments and then cuts to break into a drum solo. The electric guitar which is added in at the end are very cool, unexpected, and adds a feeling of insensitive finality to the song. Great work from Jivemaster.
  10. Final Fantasy VI 'La Locura del Kefka' I like the trumpet sound in this mix, as a former trumpet player myself, trumpets tend to intrigue me. Another thing is there is such a wide array of instruments in this one, including a lot of 303 mixed with more contemporary instruments. The one thing that disappoints me with this one is the length, or rather, lack there of. I do wish it was a considerable amount longer. Regardless of the length, still an excellent piece, The Pancake Chef. I’d love to hear more like this.
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 'Angels on the Shore' This is a very sweet moving melody, nice soft ambiance, and a lovely wind instrument. This one really makes me wish I could play the game because the way it sounds, there must be a deep story line behind this somewhere. If you like slow melodies then this one is probably for you, a good break from the fast paced electronic stuff. Thank you for this Ailsean.
  12. Dig Dug 'Six Feet Under' One thing I've noticed a lot of artists on this site like to do, is mimic those authentic old school gaming system sounds and then morph the song, add high quality instruments, or sometimes maintain the old school sounds with a re-arranged melodies. That’s one thing that I really love, because to me it brings me back to the things I love most about the systems plus all those memories and nostalgia. It makes me want to go back to those days and play it again, and that’s makes emulators so cool. Back to what I should be talking about, starla’s Dig Dug Mix contains a lot of that old school sound mixed in with some really snazzy drums and a lot of 303. Makes you just want to move, keep up the good work, starla. We got to love ya.
  13. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Town Music (Busy Life)' Oh Hazama, Hazama, Hazama. What am I ever going to do with you? Hazama really puts the quark in music. This mix is a real smooth soft drum beat with a cute little piano tune, but that’s not the real treat here. It's Hazama’s adorable (sorry, that’s the only word I could come up with to describe it) little voice as he rhymes to describe the life of a Hyrulian. And in response to Hazama’s comment on this mix , "I don’t think we can do anything but love you, Hazama. Keep on rhyming."
  14. Mega Man 3 'Snow Bro Intro' When I stated listening to the first 50 seconds of mix I was quite confused, it smelled like Mega Man, tasted like Mega Man, even felt like Mega Man, but Mega Man is usually quite a bit faster. I almost thought we were getting a slow suspenseful Mega Man melody. It sure kept me in suspense all right. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! We get high energy Mega Man musical magic! I haven’t played much of Mega Man myself, but hearing all this different renditions and styles built around the same basic tune is a real treat. SnowBro’s style here moves me, and I hope he keeps up the great work.
  15. Metal Gear 'First Impressions' Disco Dan has this very interesting piece here for us that has a really suspenseful action flick (James Bond, etc.) feel to it. Starts off with the marching band drums and leads into a deep fat bass and a 303 that carries the song right on into the melody with underlying techno drums. Might be a bit long, and repetitive but that fits the genre.
  16. Legend of Zelda 'Link's Underworld Pressure Cooker' Maybe this is just the genre or the type of sounds used, but I'm not taking well to this song. It could also be that I love the Zelda Underworld theme, and this is just not how I envisioned it as a mix. It just seems to me that the drums, although very well done and in time with the song, don't fit. That, and it seems that everything is just all mushed together. Underworld is not supposed to be a pretty sounding song in the first place, but I expected something a little more spooky, and a little less harsh. Sorry, wRenchpilot, but this one can't stay on my playlist. If somebody does appreciate this one, speak up.
  17. Street Fighter II 'Vega's Ballad' I can’t think of much else to say except for… total sweetness. An incredible full sound that makes you feel like you’re sitting amongst an orchestra playing tunes solely for your enjoyment. McVaffe does a darn fine job of making every song that he makes feel like you’re not just hearing it, but that you’re submersed in it. This is absolutely amazing must listen.
  18. Command & Conquer 'On the Prowl Redux' YES! I love Command & Conquer (the Red Alert series may have been better, but still) and I love Scott Peeples. Why don’t we mash the two together and see what happens. Massive action flick style cool song madness! My only suggestion would be to give this one a tad more power, because it sounds a tad soft for Command & Conquer. Besides that, I can only say that this is one that you shouldn't miss. Peeples always sets us up with awesome tunes, never fails.
  19. Radical Dreamers 'Dark Promise' When I first got a taste of DarkCecil13's work, I must say that it was kind of bland. It had a very strong flavour of poorly done tracker (see modplug) work. Don’t be expecting any of that here. I get the feeling that DarkCecil13 has gone to great lengths it improve his style to a point where it is sure to be appreciated by many. This mix merges a very tasteful jungle drum beat with an excellent soft chime and xylophone melody. Add this too your Radical Dreamers flood collection.
  20. Castlevania II 'Mini Mayhem' Although I'm not particularly fond of this style of music, I must say this is incredibly well done. It’s really interesting to hear a piece of music produced electronically and then here the same thing reproduced completely with live instruments. One also must applaud the talent that must have gone into producing a mix like this. I can’t say that this would ever be at the top of my favourites list, but there is no doubt in my mind that it’s at the top of somebody’s.
  21. Street Fighter II 'Tatsumakisenputronic' Awesome electronic sounds and it’s just the right length if you’re a fan of techno. I love the mood that is set by the chords and piano in the beginning that carries right into the high energy techno beats. The voice samples add an emphasis of power and strength that reflects the attitude of the game. An excellent mix DJ StarBLaSt, and well worth the download.
  22. Chrono Trigger 'Ocean Palace (Wave Breaker)' This is defiantly a ways away from Children of the Monkey Machine’s norm, but still amazing (yes I like his stuff, go figure.) I love the break beat style and how he gives it that unique static sound. It might be a little over done, but his style is unique. Musical expression rule number 1: Be selfish! Write music for nobody else but yourself, if you don’t like how it sounds, make it that way. If there is one thing you can learn from Children of the Monkey Machine’s music that would be it. Anyways enough with the lessons download this mix. It IS a Chrono Trigger mix, after all.
  23. Mega Man 'Set Me Up the Bomb Man' Someone give me a controller, I want to play some Mega Man. Mute the TV and put this on the stereo. Yes! That’s what I’m talking about. In case you haven’t already noticed, I suppose I should let you in on a little secret: I love this mix. The thing that gets me into the groove with this one is that bass line. It sounds like the authentic NES bass enough to bring back the memories of those old games (not that I ever played Mega Man in particular), while still adding enough sweet electronic spunk to make me want to dance. And by the way, it also hops into some awesome piano inserts a couple times, just to spice things up.
  24. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Circus Cave' This mix is one of those ones where you can get that tune stuck in your head so deep that you end up humming it to yourself for the next couple hours because you got nothing else to listen too. So for those of you that get tunes stuck in the empty space above the neck easy, be careful with this one. There is quite a mystic atmosphere in this mix, something I could imagine coming from the end of a long endless cave with bats swooping down and rats on the floor. Don’t ask me what creature keeps a stereo hidden away in a cave though.
  25. Final Fantasy VIII 'Breezy Beats' I just love this bass line, the piano, and the soft choir in this mix. I know a lot of people prefer to stay away from the techno stuff with 303’s and such, but for me, this is where it’s at. All you people can throw a book at me if you want to but my message for Orkybash will always be "This is lovely, keep up the good work." And for all you people who do dig the techno thing: One word! "Download!"
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