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  1. Haven't been here in awhile. Just came to comment.. Holy crap! Did the first version ever change
  2. Meant to say not as structured, it seemed more unexpected last time as this sounds more like riff/chorus/solo/riff/chorus/riff style (structured). To say you're not musically inclined is like saying a cow is a zebra O.o This track is genius. You're talented man
  3. Sounds good, would love to see what you could do on the more progressive side of things. I've been following this mix, I think it's one of the best on here for awhile so far. Best of luck to you and your final copy
  4. Hmm, latest doesn't sound as fast and furious, just more structured and technical. I think I liked the version before more because of what it was but that's just me. They are both good in their own respects.
  5. This is so amazing I feel like requesting a tab and jamming to it. The rhythm work is GODLY and strangely enough reminds me of some Jeff Loomis style rhythm. Great mix though man. I want to hear moarrrrrrrrr.
  6. I tried turning the monitor off when I recorded and it didn't help. I wonder if maybe my computer can be causing it? I was just thinking maybe the EMG's in my guitar could be the issue as well (18v modded)
  7. Here's a demo of what I have. It's quadruple tracks set with Overload TH1 - heavy metal preset / Kefir (mesa dual rec impulse) Forgive my playing, I haven't played in months cause of my crappy job. Sorta want to play again and this will probably get me going again. What can I do to improve my tone. The artificial harmonics are hard to reach and the fuzz is just insane. I'm direct in using a tascam us122-mkii. Thanks for any tips/constructive criticisms
  8. Holy crap, what he said ^^. It's funny cause some of the people here make better songs than actual artists who have record labels LOL. I'll be waiting for your finished product cause this song kicks ASS.
  9. Sounds pretty cool. Singing reminds me of a 3 way with Phil Anselmo, guy from Devildriver and the guy from The Haunted lol.
  10. Dunno if it's me but sometimes your guitars sound out of tune a tad in the leads. Could just be the vibrato though. Cool mix. Never heard this song before.
  11. Wow, this is my favorite techno mix on this site other than 'energy tank'. +1 to you my good sir. <3
  12. I just built my own guitar and a really cool trick i've come across that works is... Aluminum duct foil. Coat your pickup cavities with it, the tone/volume pot cavity as well. The thing should glow silver It made my amp quiet. If this works for you, you could probably turn the threshhold on your ns2 lower and get some of your frequency back. One thing you need to do though if you do this is ground your shit. I took some pickup wire and tore off the plastic on the tips of the wire and used a screw to hold it down onto the aluminum then soldered the other end of the wire to the tremolo plate in
  13. Ah, you wouldn't recommend doing a direct line in for a good sounding recording wouldcha? Someone recommended me getting some mics and micing up my amp but it would destroy my funds lol. Was thinking of getting something like a pod xt then running that for tone, not sure yet that would be future future haha. Thanks for the response.
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