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  1. Two beautiful new LTTP ReMixes. Loved them both. Lucky listeners, are we.
  2. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for a good Shadow Remix. I love you, man. *tear* - Z.R
  3. I completely agree. I've got Dolby Surround 4.9 (better Sub than 5.1) and I blast this sucker at max. It's excellent. I love harsh music. Don't get quite enough at OCReMix. Keep it up, man. - Z.R
  4. Awesome song, just like every other mix he's done. I wasn't even able to identify a single song.. And I call myself a doom fan. =P Anyway, MazeDude, you rock. Keep it up! - Z.R
  5. This is very nice. I've been waiting for more FF2/4 mixes, thanks for making one. Hopefully you will make more, eh?
  6. That is to say it's, uh.. Really really good. Yup, with the goodness and stuff. Excellent job, man.
  7. Hey, I dunno about all of you, but I LOVE the fact that it doesnt stray too far. I like Mixes that improve, rather than near-replace a song. Mixers who do this VERY well are 1: AilSean 2: Rimco 3: OrkyBash Listen to the mixes Terra in Black, Geno's Woods, and Winds of Time to get an understanding of what I mean. In any case, this mix totaly rules, great work!
  8. Yummy This mix starts and hits hard the whole way through, I could listen to such a beat for hours. Nice work, man. =)
  9. Woo hoo, Zelda! I loved Zelda 2, and the temple theme was one of the best themes of the game. This remix could suck(which is completely does not) and I'd still love it simply for the nostalgia. Ahhh, memories. 8/10 in my books! - Z.Ryoku
  10. One word for this mix - Godly. Yup yup, it's incredible. For one, it's the exact type of things I like. Good electro sounds, smooth flow from one point to another. Not only that, you'd hafta play EWJ2 to understand how well this mix adds to the original theme. And considering this is my fave theme of the game, it's just perfect. Excellent work, Prot.
  11. Amazing- Normally I'm not into this type of music, but you really pulled off a 'Moody' feeling, and it fits well with the original. As was said for Terra in Black(AilSean - My fave mix), this deffinately should have been the original. 9/10 - Z.Ryoku
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