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  1. i´m in, the Michael McCan´s work in these soundtrack was great! Gears of War tribute - Gears of Music - free to download www.pxldj.com/gearsofmusic
  2. Great track, reminds me the old school trance, can i use this one in my podcast pixelDj?? tks!
  3. Hey glad you like my movin remix. what exactly would you want in this remix pack?

  4. That´s nice some people here like Trance music like me!! i´m huge fan of trance artists: - Markus Schulz - Ferry Corsten - Above and Beyond - Sander Van Doorn - Marco V - Chicane
  5. Hey great track, so trancy track!1! I think the Drums are not so close a eletronic, cause did´nt have the force(try to use some samples) like the DeadMaus5 ones. Congratulations!!
  6. ooidort, Really awesome remix, may i use that one in my Game Music DjSet Podcast??? perhaps a mash-up of your track? i´ll provide all the credits for you!!
  7. It´s a masterpiece, i´m trying to compose a track for a brand new game and your track inspiring me a lot! The coverart of your album it´s quite similar to the style of Yes Albums! Do you like that band?
  8. Hey man, the movin remix v2 it´s great!! that one gives to me some good ideas to a higher BPM remix. Can you make a remix pack of that track for me? Congratulations!!
  9. Hey what´s up Ruka, your song it´s good, my only advice for you it´s change the style in the soundcloud the Drum Pattern of that song it´s close to a Breakbeat or Big Beat track, and it´s not a Drum and Bass. The arrangement it´s good, what kind of DAW and Vst Plugin you used in that track? Thanks!
  10. Hey what´s up people! Firstval i want to show my respect for your work, it´s a great inspiration for me! My podcast´s called PixelDJ Podcast and it´s a DjSet Mix of Game Music, with original and remixed versions of all kind of Game SoundTracks The first is in portuguese but the second will be in English, but there´s not much spoken parts in the podcast. That´s it, i hope you enjoy that new podcast of game music Tracklist 1- Damage – Portal 2 Unoffical Soundtrack – Alexander Linhart 2- Last Chance To Stay Alive (ZeroCool Remix) – Splinter Cell Conviction SoundTrack – VA 3-Venice Escape – Assassins Creed 2 SoundTrack - Jesper Kyd 4- ClubAfterlife Calista vs MrCapucciono(Gonzo Remix and ZeroCool Mash-up) – Mass Effect 2 SoundTrack – Jack Wall 5- 1517 (Zerocool Modjo Remix) – Fifa 10 SoundTrack – The Whitest Boy Alive 6- Beat Service vs AfterBurner Main Theme (ZeroCool Mash-up) – After Burner SoundTrack- Hiroshi Kawaguchi 7- Still Alive (Paul Van Dyk Remix) - Mirrors Edge SoundTrack – Lisa Miskovsky 8- Let´s Dance Boys – Bayonetta SoundTrack – VA ITunes Feed http://www.vitrolavelha.com.br/podcast/pixeldj/feed/pixeldj.xml Direct Download http://www.vitrolavelha.com.br/podcast/pixeldj/pixeldj01_hifi.mp3
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