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  1. I've heard this already and I LOVE it. Hands down the best piano album this year. Not trying to kiss ass, but I'm definitely going to buy it when my own bills/financial stuff gets out of the way.
  2. One thing I keep noticing: You all keep criticizing Square-Enix in the "they". Do we actually have names for these people ruining your games or is it some sort of phantom composite of Japanese pointy-hair business suits that don't have names but are the icon for the company? I mean, do we actually have an agreement for when Square-Enix supposedly started sucking?
  3. Because its more accessible to play a 2D simplified platformer game than a 3D game that requires some complex controls and physics (you're defying gravity after all) to get into. NSB isn't so much Old School as it is simplified back down to resemble the other 2D Mario games. There's nothing wrong with that and as you can see it works out very well, but its not the same thing as expecting Square Enix to produce another 16bit FF game. As far as the Sonic games - wow. Don't look into that as an example of what fans want. Fandom is crazy. There is some wild faux-psychology going on in the minds of "hardcore" fans of series. They develop strong emotional bonds to a certain thing that happens to fulfill them (usually during childhood or adolescence) to the point of idolization, then go down a bifurcated road where they want more and either A. cannot get any more, thus leaving the fan unfulfilled or B. get more until sooner or later they get too much of a good thing. The response to the end of the same recognizable positive stimulus is to blame everything about the game for that cardinal sin except your ability to recognize that you already got your fill and don't want to accept it. Things change. Do you have any idea how lucky you are that you got 6 games in a row that all produced that same positive stimulus you enjoyed? You can't just turn that on when you're developing a game. Square-Enix hasn't just decided to make sucky games people like you can't (or rather refuse to) appreciate, they decided to do something different. Now you're bitching about games you haven't even played, games that are the closest things you're going to find to what you want that somehow still aren't good enough, and its Square-Enix's fault? I'm not a doctor so all that should be taken with a grain of salt, but I mean c'mon now. How hard can it be to wake up to reality and just enjoy something for what it is, not what it used to be? Videogaming is supposed to be fun, and you're denying yourself that.
  4. Why would a mainstream company continue developing for outdated technology instead of or in addition to current technology? Technology and entertainment can't improve without improving graphics and sound too. That's why you're not watching Blu-Ray movies in black and white.
  5. Umm... I took part in an internet petition once and now we have The Adventures of Pete and Pete on DVD. But yes, game companies, especially large ones like Square Enix, won't accept ideas on what they should do next for a variety of reasons. Legal is one, lack of insight another. They watch trends and (sometimes) listen to what customers have to say and make decisions based on those that would prove the most lucrative to them, but they're not going to make games just because you signed a petition to do so. The Chrono series, according to them, is not lucrative enough to warrant another game so they haven't made another one. That's just one annoying example.
  6. Half baked? After Years was excellent or at least a lot better than it should've been for a direct sequel 17 years after the fact. It wasn't perfect but I guarantee you all those mediocre reviews (74% on Gamerankings is bad? http://www.gamerankings.com/wii/958463-final-fantasy-iv-the-after-years/index.html) basically amount to fan-whining "Urg why did this need a sequel even though we bugged Square about it for years?" instead of reasonable items why the game supposedly does not work. It's probably the closest thing to a full-fledged 16-bit FF you're actually going to get from them for a while, so give it a shot at least with FFIV Complete Collection.
  7. Don't forget FFIV: After Years. Edit: Sorry Crowbar, I didn't see your post.
  8. The presidents didn't have email in the last few decades.
  9. Well don't worry. These guys will get their due sodomies in this life or the next.
  10. When you're socio/psychopathic and you have the power to cripple thousands, all kinds of unreasonable things might be funny.
  11. That's their point I reckon. It doesn't mean anything, It's all for the lulz.
  12. Well look who's starting to give a shit about maturity. Convenience is not a strong defense either.
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