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  1. Very evil sounding...it makes me wonder if THIS is how Uematsu intended it to sound! Great work!
  2. I like this, and I like all of your stuff I have heard. Glad to see you on here! You bring a totally different style to the community. You should submit your cover of The Castle from FFVIII, that is so fucking badass!
  3. I absolutely love this song. When I was first sampling the album, this song came on as I was sitting down to a meal by myself, it was very quiet and calm, and somehow the moment was perfect!
  4. This may be my favorite remix of the album. As I said on Facebook, from the first time I heard this song I felt it perfectly captured the "might" of Baron's military force...I think all of us were waiting to hear something this epic...awesome job!
  5. When I first heard this song, I couldn't pick out the source tune, but it sounded so familiar. Then I decided to look on here (I had downloaded the torrent), and I could not believe it was Corridors of Time! Then when I listened again, strangly enough, it WAS Corridors of Time! To take such a mellow tune and make it hard, fast and just badass like you did takes some extreme talent. I probably have about 600 remixes, listened to hundreds more, and this by far is my favorite and probably always will be. Awesome work!
  6. Hey man, I joined just to tell you how blown away I was by this remix. Lufia 2 is one of my favorite games, and the Battle 2 track is my favorite of the soundtrack. It's actually some of the best boss music I've heard, and you remixed it perfectly. Seriously, couldn't have been better. Everytime I hear it, all I can think about is playing the game and how much I love it. Very well done. I love all of your stuff, hope to see more soon!
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