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  1. A beautiful piece of work there. The tune has that melancholy feel to that just gives it a soul. great job here
  2. Woah. What an awesome piece of work. This song kicks ass in terms of just how much stuff it goes on in it without it feeling like it's inconsistent. I give it 5 out of 5 rabites. Congratulations on a fine piece of work
  3. I'm currently listening to it right now. To give you my opinion, I think this should have been a longer piece of music. Not trying to knock it as a bad song, it's definitely not, but it feels like as if I'm drifting among the clouds and then all of the sudden, I'm stopped by a brick wall. It could have been made longer.
  4. It's an interesting specimen, I'll give it that. How it started, I really thought of it as average, interesting, but not particularly memorable. However that wasn't the case when it hit the 2:00 mark, that's when it exploded into something awesome, full of manic energy. It worked for a good portion of the song, but as the song progressed, it lost quite a bit of that energy that snagged me in the first place and it ended up sounding tired at the end. I have a difficult time thinking on whether or not I would recommend it to my friends, but I tip my non-existant hat to you for trying something so daring. A fairly decent job. I certainly enjoyed it
  5. A really beautiful piece of music. It gives an air of an epic story being told. During the swells, it really captures the senses. This is my personal favorite song on this website. Bravo Nigel Simmons. Bravo.
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