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  1. I'll take that normal quickfix and normal heatmaker off your hands. Also, if anyone else has a quickfix I'll do the same for you. (though I only need two total) I'm still looking to collect/make a few items, so would it be ok if I posted a request list here, or would that be too WTB +1 DAGGER OF HEALING?
  2. Personally I don't think you were anywhere near it. I mean, sure, even I get a little peeved at the chuckleshots (my personal name for when you headshot and laugh), but then I just go sniper and do it right back! But the statue thing? Doesn't even enter my radar. Insert old adage about thick skins here.
  3. That explains things. I saw a bunch on last night, got my headphones set up, frankenhud updated, and joined since it was on one of my favorite maps, Steel. And then... nothing. It hangs on "sending client data" for several minutes, so I cancel out, and nobody is playing anymore. I was all then .
  4. Augh augh augh I really need to pay attention to when people are playing on OCR. I miss all the fun. Steam should have a function where, at least for source games, you can pick 10 servers to watch and it'll pop up a notice if it gets more than x number of players joined on one of them. Because I'm lazy.
  5. Scout vs. Witch Figured since we have several TF2/L4D cross-game regulars, this would amuse you.
  6. I'm having a ton of fun with engineer myself. Either fully upgrading buildings and my wrench attack speed to turn into unstoppable death machines (poetic given the situation), or upgrading my Frontier Justice into a revenge-crit-boosted deathblossom launcher. Upgraded dispenser range also works well with damage-resistant heavies!
  7. Did some testing, and using that method the map starts on the "normal" difficulty. You have to hold a map vote (or maybe use a console command but I'm not sure) to move up to "Advanced1" or "Advanced2"
  8. Yep, and I can't get listen servers to work for me (never have been able to, in fact), so I'm pretty much forced to use the queuing. This feels like the launch of L4D2 all over again. Also, I don't seem to have gotten the free Mann Up ticket that was talked about on the official site.
  9. Since I'm still waiting (100k/s... ffs.), anyone want to tell me if the co-op mode uses a lobby system (ala l4d)? Update: Now it's down to 200 Bytes/s. Yes, Bytes. Not kilo, just regular. jfkdl;afjdkfjdal;kfjvalve content servers.
  10. And now for the (im)patient waiting(whining) for the update to actually start downloading(at 1k/s)
  11. Given there are only six slots available, I imagine it's going to use a lobby and random-server selection system ala Left4Dead. Otherwise there would be quite a wait on a given server (like ours).
  12. http://kotaku.com/5933765/is-valve-teasing-a-third-gray-faction-for-team-fortress-2 Speculation!
  13. So! Pyromania. New map with a new game type, Doomsday. DISCUSS?!
  14. Woot new server! Must remember to try it out. *checks* when it's not full.
  15. By "ammunition" I believe they meant "ammo" for the Sandvich. As Paranoid said, you get it back, thus increasing the Sandvich "ammo" count.
  16. What's really fun is when I play spy and I'm doing OK-but-not-awesome, then Paranoid and Chili or equivalent show up. Then I really feel useless.
  17. Regarding highlander: I had fun being a medic in the previous one, but I figure you're already got that covered.
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