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  1. I think I have a spare copy of Half Life 2. WILL TRADE FOR A HAT.
  2. I must have this Pip-boy. MUST.
  3. Oh man, I hope we get the medals. It'd be nice to finally have something else to wear besides my silver "when I started playing" medal and the License to Maim. Also AWESOME video idea.
  4. I love these things and I'm going to use them forever. LASERS FOREVER.
  5. Yeah.... uh.... lasers. And stuff.
  6. That is fantastic. I'm gonna get that when it comes out.
  8. I'll help you whenever. I enjoyed that video. Except the parts where I talked and revealed how sick I was. Ugh. But yeah,
  9. I still need a bunch of the Uber Update items. Don't have anything to trade for them except copies of the ones I already have though. At the very least, I wanna get the liberty launcher and the solly's crit-to-aired-enemies shotgun. Don't care at all about the strange weaps.
  10. It.... I .... Ok, the internet managed to surprise me again. Didn't think it possible.
  11. Trolls are out in force tonight.
  12. Time for shameless self-youtube-promotion! http://youtu.be/XRvdlI6f_Wg Guest stars Gamemaster (I think)
  13. I gotta say, this excuse is kind of tired. There are a lot of interesting games and concepts out there on steam (for cheap usually). It's the gaming of equivalent of you should get out more. Plus, Steam's done this for most every major sale anyway. The idea is to introduce people to these interesting games in some way, instead of only offering useless crap for the same old $60 blockbuster drivel like everyone else does. I applaud them for it. But seriously, read about these games. Check them out, watch youtube LPs or whatnot, see if they interest you. Hell, most probably have demos.
  14. I notice about halfway through you start sporting the mask. I would too with that mouth. Oi.
  15. Powerlord's gone over this before I think. It's either impossible to make the current mapvote plugin use those keys, or very difficult. And using the built-in mapvote would remove nominations and the better algorithm of determining the maps listed that the current plugin uses. Something like that, anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong, PL.
  16. http://youtu.be/ggwHUUPTVPE More appropriate.
  17. I listened, and you were right, so thanks for the warning.
  18. I find myself eagerly awaiting the next time I can play Spiral Knights (when the mist energy refills completely). Then again I get addicted to MMO-style games pretty easily. Love the Spiral Helm for the soldier, too. I've got hats I love for every class except the sniper really. Plus it's funny when people are like "WHERE IS YOUR HEAD MR PYRO" due to that weird bug with the Killing Floor mask.
  19. It will be a glorious day, and we shall sacrifice much to Watermelon-kun. Edit: As requested: http://youtu.be/PCGjLmMS7oo YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BLOCK THE ARROW GAMEMASTER. GAWD.
  20. Just want to say, your trial and error is appreciated. Much later edit: Forgot to render up these replays before, so here they are. Surprise Headshot, in which a Demoman sticky jumps only to land in front of my scope. http://youtu.be/F_xcwo9-Apc The Circle of Life, in which much chain stabbyness occurs. http://youtu.be/JIMCUkQgFUI
  21. Sadly, I must concur. Holy crap I've broken top 30. WTF.
  22. And of course, there's like nobody on to "test" the fix with.
  23. Regarding the rendering issue, perhaps you have a messed up quicktime/lite/etc installation?
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