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  1. Been meaning to ask: Is there a "votebots" option or something? Might be nice when the server's only got 3-4 to a team. Just for kicks.
  2. Noooo, then I can't try to dominate your spy as a spy again! (yeah, like that'll ever happen. Ever again. Evar.)
  3. All hail !!. In unrelated news, http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/07/22/super-heroes-vs-the-westboro-baptist-church/ Relevant to our interests due to the fifth image down (will attempt to insert it here).
  4. I'ma vote no on the force auto, and rather add (or better enforce?) a rule saying that dodging autobalance is a short ban or a kick or something. It's there for a reason. Also, I never run from FROGG. I almost never live against him, but I never run from him (usually). atmuh, that is a big pile o' LOL right there.
  5. http://kotaku.com/5586377/someones-fired-up-about-his-tf2-class I lol'd. But yeah, I second what Powerlord said, Spahs and Snipahs are the current anti-wranglers. Hell, even getting your own wrangled sentry to take out the opposing engie (who nine times out of ten is right near the sentry and not paying much attention to himself) works well enough in my experience.
  6. As I said in my original post, I tried that. It didn't work, sadly. Maybe it'll help atmuh though. Thanks anyway. Update: Tried turning off AA, now glow outlines appear. Oddly, glow outlines appear in L4d/2 without any need for disabling AA. Going to maybe update my graphics card drivers, though honestly this isn't such a big deal to not have those outlines, so maybe not. Update 2 (and final probably): Updated the drivers (from 190 something to 248... yeesh I forgot how out of date these can get), but no change. AA has to be off or the glows won't appear. Meh-tastic. Oh well.
  7. Going back to the glow outline issue, I also have an nvidia card. A GTX 260 to be precise. If that helps anyway.
  8. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of system specs do you have? Maybe that'll clue me in to the problem if it's not something wrong with my installation of the game.
  9. The glow effects aren't working. That's what I was asking help with. I can't see any glow effects period. I don't see an outline of carts through walls, and I don't see outlines of MY ScoRes stickies, which is what I meant by my original post. I know you can't see ally and enemy stickies, and for good reason. I ain't that dumb.
  10. Maybe someone here can help me out. I heard that the update also made payload carts and ScoRes stickies glow through walls. Well, I ain't seeing them, and it would really be nice to, at least for the ScoRes stickies. I've got the setting on, and running in DX9 mode, everything turned up, etc. Even tried deleting the TF2 folder (but not GCFs) like a forum post I read suggested, but no luck. Any ideas here?
  11. http://www.teamfortress.com/engineerupdate/evolutionaryman/ And fyi that's linked from a tiny slip of paper under the right part of the Wrangler image. Apparently the engie's melee update will allow him to kill bears.
  12. I must have missed the memo then. Never mind, carry on. *nod*
  13. Just wanted to say that I like the idea of the mapchooser, but I think it needs to be modified in such a way that a map that was just played CANNOT be played again for at least four maps, including by nomination and rtv. Even if I like a map, I don't want to play it five times in one session because it keeps getting revoted, usually by people that join after half the server leaves due to having repeated the map three times already. If I wanted that, I'd go to one of the 24/7 servers. But that's just me I guess. Also, I'm going to really REALLY enjoy the Wrangler. mwahahahha.
  14. Hah, I was about to post here to ask about it.
  15. You know, I thought I'd like the new always-vote system, but when I came on the other day (and this was for five maps total), we ended up playing Badlands 3 times. It was a bit painful. Eh, I'll get used to it I guess.
  16. Well, I'm kind of new to the forums, so I didn't think to search for it, sadly. Oh well.
  17. So, I donated. I'm usually by the same nickname when I play, so you might could pull my steam_id from that, but otherwise I forget how to find it out.
  18. So, played a little on that Fragfest/Gamenation/whatever server. Ping was hovering around 60 with one spot of everyone getting over 100 for some reason. Still, it was smooth sailing generally.
  19. Other Team is Babies seemed pretty stable ping wise. I personally got around 30-40ms which is about what I used to get on BLU/RED. I however, also noticed some teleportation issues. Sometime's I'd be chasing someone to backstab them, and suddenly they disappear and are behind me shooting me to death. As well, I experienced the other side where I'd sit in a corner, someone'd shoot me, I'd move, and the hit wouldn't register for a couple of seconds. Finally, I'd be walking and strafing, and I'd jump back a few steps randomly. All of these were intermittent, but it's worth noting. Edit: Oh, and on Turbine, I noticed when I was engie, the ammo and health pickup sounds weren't playing, but that might have just been a local glitch. This was also when the voice chat was choppy due to tf2stats updating or something I think.
  20. Oh my, I do like this. I'll be sure to listen to this frequently. Good stuff.
  21. I'd totally pay for my reserved slot. Anything to support this awesome community. On an unrelated note, how do I join that invite-only steam group?
  22. Rrrg, my bad. I had a tab open to that so I could copy the address and it totally slipped my mind.
  23. You guys only have one (1!) ZX remix lying around, and that just won't do. So yeah, I'd love to hear a remix of Trap Phantasm from either ZX or ZX Advent (they're a little different between the two games). For the unfamiliar, these are the themes that play when you fight Prometheus and Pandora together in both games. As for genres, well, I'm open to anything the remixer might have in mind. Thanks!
  24. I'm guessing the lag issues are why nobody's on tonight. Which is unusual for a weekend in my experience. (also, hi gaiz, I'm on the forums finally )
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