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  1. I know everyone's kinda sick of TF2 with all this halloween stuff, but can we get some non-eyeduct games going on BLU? It's empty every night now it seems, and that makes me a sad panda.
  2. I can show up, just lemme know when you need me.
  3. ....mmm, no, I'm pretty sure everyone would bitch and moan and fly banners of boycott across the internets. Or at least, most would, as unwarranted as it would be.
  4. Well, one option that worked for me last year was finding a server that just had some kind people that would keep a list and either let the next person on the list find the gift, or trade what they found to said person. I suppose that would be rare though. I think they kicked anyone that was being a d-bag about it too.
  5. I'm aware, thanks. Misread an earlier post, thought it said slots were down for all three servers.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I grabbed it.
  8. I wonder if I'm regular enough to get a card.
  9. Kami brings all the boys to the yard?
  10. Finally tried out the test server, went quite well for me. Except for Necro continually destroying me. Meanie.
  11. That was thoroughly entertaining. I don't know what the original music was but the replacements worked well, IMO. Also, I was REALLY lagaporting wasn't I? Yeesh.
  12. Uh-oh. I know a few snipers who love to use that perch.
  13. I'm already going for seconds. OMNOMNOM I'm good for events anytime pretty much.
  14. Just checked, got mine too. BTW, I don't suppose we're ever gonna do anything like that again? I remember it being fun for the most part. (what I mean is, get a group together and play organized games against people. that kinda thing)
  15. Or if you want, you can be like me and play every class a bit. But then I'm insane (and somehow still in the top 50, sometimes top 30, if anyone counts rank as important, which I don't). I basically just play a class I feel like until I get tired of it and then I switch. Above all, I make sure I"m having fun. If not, I say "eh" and go play Fallout for a week or something. Everything in moderation, my good Hoopy! (And I was serious before, I think you're awesome and don't want you to go D: )
  16. Nooooo, hoopy, don't leave. We love you! D:
  17. I watched it when it came up in my subs. Good stuff, Sombrero.
  18. I LOVE the Machina. The sound it makes when fully charged, and the piercing effect.. lovely.
  19. BAH. This is what I get for playing New Vegas instead of TF2. Sadface.
  20. Not that I'm new, but though I may not participate much in the rest of forums, rest assured that I downloaded the massive OCR torrents (and quite a few albums) and listen to them all the time. I love you guys Also, anyone hear about the new Counter Strike? I BET THERE WILL BE HATS.
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