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  1. This song is Beautiful! I never realized how much I enjoyed the songs from the Symphonia episode of the Tales series until now! Keep up the awesome work!
  2. Can I Ask One question as a Soul Cali 3 Veteran? Is it Really worth the Money? Please someone tell me why?
  3. Hey i wanted to say Hi so I could hopefully start off my newb-ness right ya know? I've loved the community & the remixes for years & i just finally got around to joining after all this time sad right? My nick name is LoKi because according to my friends i'm KhAoS incarnate. Ever since i first played Super Mario Bros 19 years ago i've always been a gamer & to see what the Overclocked community has done as a whole for the appreciation of games amazes me & i had to join if only to thank everyone here for showing how game music can be an art form to soo many people across the world. Thank you all soooo much! LoKi KhAoS
  4. Bear with me I'm relatively new to the community mostly just because I've never followed thorough & signed up like I should have but having grown up on Sonic the Hedgehog its Always exciting to hear the old songs i grew up with remix & completely re-envisioned into such beautiful & unique works of art. This song truly rocks by the way! lol
  5. I know it's probably been said at some point but this is quite an amazing remix!
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