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  1. Do you still need people for this as I am very tempted to apply for a track.
  2. I am tempted to request taking up a track. I am currently also working on a track for the castlevania album
  3. If I have time I will try and come up with something
  4. Chernabogue I have sent you a pm with links to what I have worked on. If you accept me on this I would like to take Voyager. Thanks
  5. Okay, thanks for telling me! =)

  6. Hi mate I am interested in working on voyager for Vampire Variations. I am currently uploading some of my other work I have done and will send you a link. Just wanted to inform you.



  7. This sounds very funky. Bopping my head to it while at work
  8. Hi Guys, Names Vishal most people call me Vish. Im from London and going on 25. Came across OCR today via twitter and it intrigued me so much I had to check it out. I am currently studying a part time masters in music technology & audio engineering which is proving to be great fun and hectic. I mainly listen to and play various forms of metal music. Also into some hard rock/ old skool rock and lots of ambient chill out stuff. I play bass guitar and do vocals in the band By Courage By Arms (started up with my mate sometime back). Generally do both clean and aggressive vocals and trying
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