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  1. Interesting notion. This round is close to ending, perhaps the next round?
  2. I've been enjoying this plugin a lot, Bad Buss Mojo, on my kick (and sometimes bass) to add some fatness and dirt. It's free-ish, evaluation copy just means you have to wait 5 seconds when you load it up. Worth it http://www.stillwellaudio.com/plugins/bad-buss-mojo/
  3. Simple, I want to know: What did you do to make your mix sound better than your last one
  4. Off the next two days if anyone wants to collab a beast groove
  5. I did a guitar cover of this a few years ago http://youtu.be/lSAM_Ogykv4
  6. Wow, this might have been the hardest round for me to vote on ever. I had listen to everyone's mix several times. Each remix sounded really good and I could hear you're guys' individual qualities in each one which was really cool. Yes I had to make a vote, but there was certainly no losers this round. Every remix was very well made and enjoyable to listen to.
  7. Man, I missed the voting! I enjoyed everyone's remix, it would have been hard to play favorites anyways
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