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  1. sggod89

    Today's "Pro Tip"

    I've been enjoying this plugin a lot, Bad Buss Mojo, on my kick (and sometimes bass) to add some fatness and dirt. It's free-ish, evaluation copy just means you have to wait 5 seconds when you load it up. Worth it
  2. sggod89

    PRC351 - The Crystalled Pyramid (Crystalis)

    Nice source. Anyone want to collab?
  3. Simple, I want to know: What did you do to make your mix sound better than your last one
  4. sggod89

    PRC285 - Snot is not My Problem (Earthworm Jim 2)

    Off the next two days if anyone wants to collab a beast groove
  5. The midi file doesn't work for me :/
  6. sggod89

    MnP01_FF7_BattleTheme_WINNER ANNOUNCED

    I did a guitar cover of this a few years ago
  7. Wow, this might have been the hardest round for me to vote on ever. I had listen to everyone's mix several times. Each remix sounded really good and I could hear you're guys' individual qualities in each one which was really cool. Yes I had to make a vote, but there was certainly no losers this round. Every remix was very well made and enjoyable to listen to.
  8. lol how about that, fellow RVA'er in the PRC. What are the odds
  9. Man, that Star Control 2 source is so up my alley.
  10. Man, I missed the voting! I enjoyed everyone's remix, it would have been hard to play favorites anyways
  11. sggod89

    mixing in mono

    Why would you want to mix in mono? Every single tv, headphones, every modern speaker system, etc. is capable or reproducing stereo. Stereo is far superior. not being confrontational, you've just peaked my interest.
  12. Awesome job OneUp! I had a great time listening to your remix haha
  13. Yeah, its basically the same theme. I remember picking that source for BF3! Oh well, I'll definitely enjoy hearing the remixes