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    Love for video games music brings me here :D
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  1. I can relate to this ... 😄. You need to commit a lot of time and dedication to master the DAW, the VSTI, the effects ... and the most frightful part : Mixing (with kind of "Mastering" that comes with it). Making music at a PRO level with computer is not an easy task that you can achieve in weeks (even months or years for some people). Money can buy softwares and courses ... but you need to put the work to make it useful
  2. OOH ! Thanks guys ! @TVG : thanks for your advice concerning the drum part. You are right, I should have used an electro set instead for this genre. Okay, let's pick the next (next) source ;D
  3. Geez, am I the only entry for this one ? XD It is a very fun source to work with. As always TVG, your midi files are top notch !
  4. Oh thanks Time to choose the source for our next contest. @Souperion : don't worry, it won't be a breath of fire source ^^
  5. There were so many remixers before in 2021 ... where are they ?
  6. Welcome ! Don't forget to stop by the competitions forum part. It's fun and you'll learn a lot by their feedback too.
  7. OH NOOO ! you'll break the chain T.T 😆
  8. Thx TVG for your comment, I learned a lot ^^ See you on the next one ;D
  9. yeah, It's kind of lack a melody/direction
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