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    Though the gameplay is often frustrating and tedious, I'm an RPG gamer at heart. The characters, the music, and the plot all appeal to me very much.

    Other than that, I like playing strategy, fighting, and occasionally puzzle games too! It brings out an obsessively competitive spirit... :)

    Err, actually I'm just obsessive in general. Go figure~

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  1. A 2003 remix!? Not freakin' bad. Good, catchy stuff with seemless, exciting transitions indeed. Much better than stuff I hear on the radio nowadays, yet more than half of it's in the same genre XD
  2. I love how active and full of energy this one is while still feeling kinda...calm. Can't wait to hear more of his stuff. It's unique but easy to get into.
  3. This one is...almost too minimalistic for me. It has some elements I like, for example: overall mood impression, and a few of the chiptuney details too. But I also agree with Bahamut, except for the comment made on the arrangement approach; I don't think the direction taken was a bad idea. But yeah, I think it could have been executed better.
  4. Creepy. I like it! Well, seems I'm strange. There's quite enough melody in there for me, because the...eerier sounds...make the melodic bits stand out. And it's minimalistic, but not boring simply because it's surprisingly odd! Out in the real world, "anti-music" isn't something I like...but when it's a remix it gives the listener something very tangible to work with. That's why I don't have a problem with it. I just wish he had developed it more and more so that it's exciting to listen to. Maybe that direction just wasn't what COTMM wanted to do. In any case, I enjoyed listening to it...but it is slow for my taste.
  5. Aw yeah!-- This is justice. Back when I played it, both as a little kid to a few years ago, I really tried to enjoy this battle theme. It always stood out in my mind because I used to be extremely bad at navigating myself in RPGs. And I mean Goldfish Memory Syndrome bad. Which gave me plenty of time to listen closely to every single facet of that theme, while I floundered about inside 600AD's cathedral dungeon. Anyway, it always sounded completely lame, somehow. Now that it's properly remixed, it is so awesome, yet recognizable that I wish I could somehow patch my Chrono Trigger ROM (already patched with non-Woolsey translations) so that it plays this instead.
  6. Heh. The thing I love about this piece (other than the epic piano work my feeble fingers can't begin to appreciate in a lifetime) is the maturity of it; especially compared to the source. Always with Bladiator's live piano remixes, I don't feel ashamed in the slightest to be listening remixes, even on such extremes as Yoshi (or Kirby) tunes.
  7. Though the sounds are clearly not "real" samples, I feel lots of warmth in its sound; so it's all good. Everything about this track accomplishes what it set out to do; it sparks the imagination. All the instruments bring out the mood well, especially the vibraphone. While listening to it, I totally understand the remixer's affinity to the vibraphone; the different moods it can bring out are exemplified with creative flair (to quote my art teacher).
  8. Ah. I had to listen to it a second time to hear it properly. The sounds may take a bit for the ear to get used to, so if you hated it at first like I did...well you know. Anyway, it's a nice contemporary piece. I respect that it doesn't have to rely on anything unfamiliar to be unpredictable, yet it's still catchy and even in mood.
  9. I...I'm in love with this. People who don't like electronic stuff might argue that unnatural sounds aren't pleasing to the ear. If this mix doesn't disprove that, nothing will.
  10. It's nice. The quiet, little ambient stuff makes it feel a little more fleshed out without killing the...minimality? Anyway, the midi stuff feels too low-fi for me to enjoy. Except, these kinds of tracks are made distinctive with that plus ambience (thinking of BenCousins' stuff). I do appreciate the "clean" feel of it, but all in all it does not equal a download for me.
  11. For most of the song, the spanish guitar bored me very much. Which sucks, because I was really looking forward to it. It picked up towards the end, though! That jumping bass synth helped it along somehow, with the way they play off each other. The great thing about this track was the rest of the stuff. And I mean ALL the other stuff, which included many sounds that usually feel...over-relied upon: claps, string stabs, hip-hop beats. But the thing is, the ethnic elements that were added to them kept them all daisy-fresh. And it goes the other way around, too! For example, the "Kill Bill" trumpets felt a little cheesy, but once the harp started playing quietly in the background: all was good. Except the spanish guitar lead, still. Perhaps the problem was sample quality, as OA mentioned, or maybe (my first guess) it needed some other sounds to play off of it more. From where it came in until towards the end, it felt quite isolated as the lead with all the other elements fading to waaaay in the background for a while. The sheer arrangement: was awesome. Yet a lot of it went unnoticed the first time I listened to it. Like, the string stabs smooth out later in the song, letting stuff relax a bit as it was getting uptight somehow. In any case, mamacitas should stay in the valley and party ALL NIGHT (as stuff staying in "my valley" and "partying ALL NIGHT" would have a totally different meaning o__o). Anyway, it'd be an awesome party: the kind with the hip-hop dance floor where individuals show their moves, awesome drinks and other flavors, and EVERYBODY WEARS HATS...Don't ask me why.
  12. The fast intro really got me hooked. And the drums were cool, as I also appreciate non-autopilot. However, the synth lead got annoying after the first minute. I just couldn't listen to the whole thing.
  13. There`s a nice balance between mellowish orchestrated strings and more electronic chiptunage! The flute being exchanged for main lead occasionally keeps the synths from feeling repetitive, bland, or a lack of consistient mood or theme. Not that it would have been in any danger of that, even without. It actually reminds me of a weird popcorn flavor I ate a month ago...salt + lime, obviously. In short, this is just the kind of stuff I`ve been looking for! It`s playful, familiar, and fun. And ``scattershot`` arrangements add the kind of edge I always like. They're totally my kind of fun, but only when well-fleshed out; which you accomplished with creative beauty and flair. I never felt like you didn`t know exactly what you`re doing and where you`re going with this piece. My only complaints are: 1. I wish the uber-cool set of (jungle-style?) drums had come in sooner than just shy of a minute left D: . It freshens things up and gives it such a cool and unique groove. One of my favourites, in fact. They go amazingly well in eclectic remixes like this. And, 2. The sound quality of the strings and drums hinder it. I think the whole piece would sound bloody amazing if it were at a higher level. Like, epic! Anyway, this is going on mah playlists like you won't belieeeeve.
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